WXXI Learn At Home Broadcasts for a Summer Boost

WXXI Learn At Home Broadcasts for a Summer Boost

Weekdays 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Learn At Home TV

As the school year comes to close and summer vacation begins, WXXI is broadcasting “Learn At Home” television schedules to give students a "summer boost" with programs that emphasize learning while having fun. 

WXXI Education provides connected learning resources for educators and caregivers to use with students while watching the Learn At Home broadcasts. We will continue to update this page with useful learning resources. Find additional support materials at wxxi.org/education

Learn At Home is made possible with support from:

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Learn At Home Schedules

WXXI is airing special on-air programming as well as providing connected learning content via our WXXI-TV, WXXI-WORLD, and WXXI-KIDS 24/7 channels.

Learn At Home: WXXI-TV

Learn At Home: WXXI-WORLD

  • When: Weekdays from 12 to 5 p.m.
  • Where: WXXI-World 21.2 / Cable 1275
  • Who: 6-12th grade students
  • Focus: Social Studies and Science content
  • Printable Weekly Schedules (with clickable content resources)


WXXI Kids 24/7 Join Your Friends Anytime (Wild Kratts & Daniel Tiger and Miss Elaina characters pictured

When & Where to Watch:
Use this one-sheet to share When & Where to Watch WXXI's Learn At Home schedules. 

Broadcast Support Materials

WXXI Education has created a wide range of support materials for students watching our Learn At Home broadcast schedules. Discussion questions, reflection pieces, conversation cards, content extension resources, and PBS KIDS learning tools - we've pulled together a bunch of FREE resources to use after watching an episode.

Content Area - Extension Resources

PBS KIDS Series - Extension Resources

Discussion & Reflection Questions
WXXI has also created specific question prompts that will air directly after Learn At Home programs (such as the one below). These questions will ask viewers to reflect and think about what they viewed. We've also provided them in printable forms. 

Learning Connections & Reflections Printable:

Discussion Question Cards Printable:

PBS KIDS Conversation Cards:

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