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I Can Be What?! is an engaging new YouTube series that gives kids a sneak peek into the world of STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts Math) careers. Hosted by science communicator and electrical engineer, Jennifer Indovina, each episode explores a unique job, highlighting what makes it fun, as well as the responsibilities, skills, and education needed to get into the related career field. The main goal of I Can Be What?! is to provide an entryway into career exploration for elementary-aged students, showcasing academic, technical, trade, and artistic career options. 

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Host Bio:

The host of I Can Be What?! is Jen Indovina. Jen is a clean-tech entrepreneur, inventor, Rochester Institute of Technology adjunct professor, and TED Fellow, who is currently working to spread energy efficiency initiatives worldwide. Jen is the CEO and co-founder of Tenrehte Technologies, Inc., a company that uses clean energy to produce wireless consumer electronics products. Jen is co-chair of the Science Ambassador Scholarship, a full-tuition scholarship for a woman in science, technology, engineering, or math. In every episode, Jen jumps headfirst into a typical day with each professional, learning not only what makes their job fun and rewarding, but the skills and education needed to get there.



Behind the scenes at a zoo can be wild and crazy!  Join Jen to find out what it takes to be a zookeeper – hint:  sometimes you have to clean up poop.
Have you ever wondered why chocolate tastes so delicious? Jen finds out how science and creativity help chocolatiers create works of art that you can eat.
Professional athletes are known for being in top shape, but who helps keep them that way?  Jen meets a professional baseball athletic trainer to find out how he’s a part of the game. 
Learn about the career of a wildlife technician. What do they do? Are they outdoors all the time? You'll find out!
Twirling, spinning, and jumping - Jen puts on her dance shoes to learn how much STEM is involved in being a dance teacher.
Wouldn't it be great to spend the day with puppies and kitties? Jen joins up with a veterinarian to learn about all the different parts of her job (and the animals she works with!). 
Who puts bridges together? What makes the metal in a car frame stay together? The answer is welding. Jen learns all the different things in our community that welders get to work on. 
How do the lights in your bedroom turn on and off? Who changes the street lights or the lights in a stadium? An electrician. 
You've heard of an airline pilot, but what about a helicopter pilot? Jen meets a special kind of helicopter pilot who helps in emergencies. 
Mechanics work on cars, trucks, and vans, but who works on BIG trucks like tractor trailers, garbage trucks, or ambulances? 


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