About City 12

WXXI-TV and the City of Rochester provide city residents with 14 hours a day of interesting, informative and entertaining new programming. The creation of a television station dedicated to providing City residents with information vital to daily living was the goal of this first-of-a kind partnership.

Every day you’ll find:

  • Helpful hints about city services, programs and events
  • Important news about City, State and World issues
  • Programs that teach reading, math, cooking, healthy eating, child rearing, coping with pressures and fighting substance abuse
  • Useful information about public service agencies and programs
  • Interesting subjects for women, minorities and senior citizens
  • Movies, music, literature, exercise and popular shows, award-winning news commentators and children's programs.

Viewed only within city limits on Time Warner Cable, City 12 is a milestone in television history helping you learn more about your City, your government and yourself.

Visit the City 12 pages at the City of Rochester site for more information.

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