Double the impact of your donation!

Many companies sponsor matching gift programs that increase the impact of their employee’s donations to WXXI.  To find out if your company has such a program, please enter your employer’s name in the box below.  The search results will provide you with a link to either your employer’s intranet or the paper form. 

To find out if your company has a matching gift policy, please enter your employer’s name below.


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If you are a sustaining member who works for a company participating in the matching gift program, the match will be based on the full amount once your entire contribution is received in full.



Make your donation to WXXI go twice as far with a matching gift in two easy steps:

Step 1

Speak to your HR department today about their matching gift program and eligibility requirements. Many companies match the gifts of retirees, spouses, surviving spouses, and outside directors. Be sure to find out if your employer uses paper forms for their matching gift program or if they require your donation information to be submitted to an online portal.

Step 2

If your employer uses paper forms in the matching gift process, you’ll start by obtaining a copy and filling out the employee portion. The form may ask for such information as your name, address, donation amount, and the date of your donation. Keep a copy for your records, but send the originals to WXXI to the address below. The rest of the matching gift process will be taken care of by a WXXI representative.

PO BOX 20570
Rochester, NY 14602