Recommended Mobile and Online Services from Public Broadcasting

This list can help you find mobile apps and websites as well as other online services provided by public broadcasting. Select terms from the lists below (hold the control/command button while clicking to select multiple terms) and click apply. Only items that match all of your selected terms will appear.

NPR News

The Android has landed - and it allows backgrounding. Find more information about NPR's Android app at the links below.

Android App
SoundCloud - Music & Audio Android App

Discover the best new music & audio with the official SoundCloud app.

Android App
Super Why!

Help your child gain the power to read with four unique games featuring Super Why, and the Super Readers. 

Android App
Kid Friendly
WXXI Go Public.

Get it on Google Play 

Go Public with the WXXI Public Media App for Android! Tap on "Listen" to choose from four different LIVE radio streams to get your favorite WXXI music and news programming. Access "Coming Up" to find out all the WXXI programs, services and events we recommend.

Android App