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WXXI's Election 2011 coverage includes Free Air Time for candidates in selected races. You can see and hear their messages directly before you head to the polls.

This week on Need to Know Rochester, a look at the how local Kodak retirees are facing doubts about whether the company will continue to provide health benefits amid challenging financial times.

WXXI Capitol Bureau Correspondent Karen DeWitt reports on the dilemma facing Governor Cuomo, who might have to enact job cuts in a worsening recession.

WXXI Innovation Trail reporter Daniel Robison takes us to a small town's sesquicentennial anniversary celebration of its decision to join the Confederacy.

NPR's Jeff Brady reports on how the natural gas drilling boom in Pennsylvania is helping the economies of Rust Belt cities long accustomed to bad news.

Governor Andrew Cuomo says he's still trying to work out his disagreements with the state worker union, the Public Employees Federation, so that there are no lay offs.

Law enforcement officials in Rochester say they shut down a large cocaine distribution ring, calling it the biggest drug seizure here in more than 15 years.

WXXI Innovation Trail reporter Zack Seward explains how the forum looked to spread the word about the resources in the Rochester area that can help small to midsize manufacturers.

PBS NewsHour looks at similarities in the liberal Occupy Wall Street and the conservative Tea Party movements through the lens of its Patchwork Nation Project.

WXXI Capitol Bureau Correspondent Karen DeWitt looks at Comptroller Tom DiNapoli's annual report on the securities industry and its predicted impact on New York's finances.

A new poll shows nearly 80% of New Yorkers aged 50 to 64 are worried they'll have to cut back on health care coverage over the next five years.

Actor, director and author Michael J. Fox will be a featured speaker at homecoming this weekend at Rochester Institute of Technology.

As the Occupy Wall Street anti-corporate protests continue in Manhattan, similar gatherings are happening in smaller cities upstate.

The City of Rochester will pay millions more for the former site of Midtown Plaza. The move nearly doubles what the city originally paid for the parcel.

WXXI Innovation Trail reporter Emma Jacobs looks at how New York will make up for the loss of power if the downstate nuclear plant goes offline in the coming years.