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While much of the discussion has focused on the environmental hazards of the gas drilling process, there is also debate over the economic benefits of fracking. A new map looks at drilling & unemployment in New York State.

WXXI's LeShea Agnew spoke with the famed feminist before Steinem addressed a sold out crowd at the Riverside Convention Center.

WXXI Innovation Trail reporter Matt Richmond previews this week's DEC public hearings on potential gas drilling in New York State that would use the controversial practice of hydrofracking.

Governor Andrew Cuomo is being asked to appoint a special prosecutor to follow through with the arrests of protestors who have violated a curfew law on state-owned lands near the Capitol.

WXXI's Helene Biandudi reports Interim Superintendent Vargas is looking at ways to close the city school district's projected $41 million gap.

WXXI Capitol Bureau Correspondent Karen DeWitt reports that fourteen days after it was due, Governor Cuomo's budget office released its mid-year budget report, and the news is grim.

Rochester Mayor Tom Richards, Senator Chuck Schumer and Windstream CEO Jeffrey Gardner announced the company will lease the first two floors of the Seneca Building.

WXXI Innovation Trail reporter Zack Seward looks at Rochester as a "Company Town" - it used to mean the big three, but now it refers to small companies that started here.

WXXI Capitol Bureau Correspondent Karen DeWitt reports on the Cuomo administration's reasoning behind a delay in releasing a mid year financial report - which critics say is a violation of the law.

This week on Need to Know Rochester, a reporter roundtable discussing the results of the 2011 General Election and a discussion highlighting the services provided to veterans by the Veterans Outreach Center.

The National Toy Hall of Fame announced three new inductees: Dollhouse, Hot Wheels and the blanket.

The State Science & Technology Institute awarded Rochester Institute of Technology's Center for Integrated Manufacturing Studies for its work assisting upstate manufacturing firms.

WXXI Innovation Trail reporter Daniel Robison explains how the Bills are taking advantage of having a stadium that is one of the windiest venues in the National Football League.

Republican County Executive Maggie Brooks won a third term in office and Democrat Sandra Doorley will take over as District Attorney.

WXXI News provided election updates throughout the night in key races on WXXI-AM 1370, WXXI-TV and here on WXXI.org.