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Streaming status update:

Currently, all streams are up and operational.

Streams are now located on all of our station sites!

WXXI AM 1370

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WXXI Classical 91.5

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WRUR 88.5 | Playlists | Schedule

On the destination website, just press the play icon below the station logo. You can even explore links within the station sites and the audio will continue playing!

Additional links to our streams for external players and other devices can be found at the bottom of this page.


If you are having issues listening to a stream via your desktop browser please try the following troubleshooting tips.  Due to new privacy and security laws in the EU browsers have globally updated and restricted settings.  Typically most issues with web-based listening are due to a configuration of your browser and these new settings.  

Ad Block plug-in – If you are using an ad-blocker it can recognize the NPR player as an ad.  This can remove the play button.  If you have an ad-blocker installed or have a setting in your browser to “not play scripts” try turning that off and reload the webpage.  (You might need to clear the cache in order to see changes.)

Incognito or Privacy Mode – try using the Incognito or Privacy mode of your browser.  If you are able to listen in this mode, then there is a setting in your browser that is causing the conflict. 

Try a different browser- sometimes issues are simply compatibility with the browser version.   

Is the computer hardwired to the internet?  If you are using a laptop and relying on Wi-Fi you might experience issues if ‘dead zones’ or places in your home where the signal is not very strong.  This can stop and restart a stream due to buffering running out and reconnecting.  

If none of these works then it might be a Virus Protection or Firewall that is blocking the stream or the code that the player uses.  This isn’t as common, but it does happen.  Sometimes a Windows update or Virus Protection update thinks the player is ‘unknown’.  If you temporarily turn off your protection and refresh the stream resumes, then the conflict is due to a firewall or virus protection.

If you are still unable to resolve the issue please contact us.

Alternative Streams

Alternate Stream Information

We still offer alternative streams that launch in external players such as Windows Media Player, iTunes, WinAmp, VLC, etc.  

For an MP3-formatted stream (mid-quality/most compatible) use these links:

For an HE-AAC-formatted stream (higher-quality/less compatible) choose from these streams: