LGBT Pride Month

"During Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month, I call upon the LGBT community, the Congress, and the American people to work together to promote equal rights for all, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity." -BARACK OBAMA

Recently Aired

Monday, August 2, 2021 - 10:00pm
What does life look like for LGBTQ+ youth fifty years after Stonewall? 
Tuesday, June 29, 2021 - 8:00pm
Acclaimed director Rodney Evans (Brother to Brother and The Happy Sad) takes viewers on a personal journey as he ponders how the deterioration of his vision will impact his life and work as a filmmaker. 
Sunday, June 27, 2021 - 11:00pm
Actor Dyllón Burnside hosts Prideland, which opens a window into the world of modern-day LGBTQ+ life in America.
Thursday, June 24, 2021 - 8:30pm
This film tells the dual story of the AIDS crisis in San Diego and Fraternity House - the only hospice in North San Diego County that took patients near death to give them a safe place to die with dignity and love.
Sunday, June 20, 2021 - 11:00pm
Explore four-time Tony-winning playwright Terrence McNally’s six groundbreaking decades in theater.