Wildlife Technician

Wildlife Technician

Learn about the career of a wildlife technician. What do they do? Are they outdoors all the time? You'll find out!

Did you know that ducks travel hundreds of miles when they migrate? Who keeps track of them and studies their behaviors? Our host Jen meets Frank, a wildlife technician for New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC). Frank shares his passion for his career and demonstrates how banding wild ducks helps with research and conservation of these migratory birds.

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Support Materials
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Discussion Questions

  • Do all birds migrate to the same place during the winter?
  • How do scientists keep track of birds?
  • Do all birds get banded?
  • Why do wildlife technicians use traps to collect the birds?
  • What else do wildlife technicians do?
  • Why do scientists want to know how far birds travel? Or where they go?

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