Dance Teacher

Dance Teacher

Twirling, spinning, and jumping - Jen puts on her dance shoes to learn how much STEM is involved in being a dance teacher.

You’ve heard of math teachers. You’ve heard of science teachers. You’ve heard of art teachers. But have you heard of the teacher that combines all three? In this episode, Jen meets Ashley, a classically trained dancer turned entrepreneur. Ashley shows Jen how much STEM is involved in her dancing and instruction, as well as how important community and culture are to her.

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Discussion Questions

  • What's an entrepreneur?
  • What else can dancers do, outside of owning a dance school?
  • What other kinds of dance exist?
  • How would you feel standing in front of a large group? What about dancing in front of a large audience?
  • Have you ever tried to tell a story through dance? music?
  • What does it mean to audition?
  • Have you ever auditioned for something?
  • Can you name some other styles of dance?
  • What kinds of art and dance are part of your culture? your family? your community?
  • Do you belong to any groups that make you feel like you are part of a community?

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