Have you ever wondered why chocolate tastes so delicious? Jen finds out how science and creativity help chocolatiers create works of art that you can eat.

So, why does chocolate taste so scrumptious? You may be surprised to learn the answer is science! Jen meets Chocolatier Gretchen and her two aspiring daughters and learns how they combine artistry and chemistry to create beautiful, mouth-watering treats that will engage your five senses. 

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Discussion Questions

  • What kind of chocolate is your favorite?
  • Do you like being creative with food? Like trying new foods or making new recipes?
  • There’s a lot of science involved with chocolate-making. How else do you use science every day?
  • How is culinary school different than other schools?
  • Gretchen said that she gets stick of eating so much chocolate. Are there foods that you get tired of eating?

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