WXXI Passport

WXXI Passport

A new member benefit

Learn more about an exciting new member benefit that offers extended on-demand access to a rich library of public television programming.

We're proud to introduce WXXI Passport, a new member benefit that provides our members special access to current and archival programs from both PBS and WXXI and is available via WXXI.org, PBS.org and other digital platforms. At the special introductory rate of a $60 pledge, you'll have access to several hundred hours of PBS and WXXI content. Current titles include DOWNTON ABBEY, WOLF HALL, and other dramas from MASTERPIECE, as well as favorites such as VICIOUS, MAKERS, EARTH A NEW WILD, HOW WE GOT TO NOW, THE GREAT BRITISH BAKING SHOW. And, this library will continue to grow over time.

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In addition to our website, WXXI Passport will also be available to members when they identify WXXI as their local PBS member station on PBS.org and the PBS Video apps for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, as well as the PBS app on AppleTV. WXXI Passport will be available on more platforms in the future.  

Become a member at the $60 level and receive the WXXI Passport member benefit, along with other great benefits including WXXI's Member Magazine subscription.

If you’re a current member at the $60 or above level and don’t have your WXXI Passport passcode, please call our membership office at (585) 258-0200.

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A Helpful Q&A:

What is WXXI Passport? Learn More Here >
WXXI Passport is a new member benefit which provides WXXI members extended on-demand access to a rich library of quality public television programming. This is one of the many benefits that WXXI provides its donors, along with WXXI's MemberCard Plus and WXXI's Member Magazine.

Why is WXXI making this service available?
As more and more people are watching television content on demand on digital devices, WXXI Passport gives WXXI members a way to enjoy extended access to PBS and WXXI content on platforms including computers, smartphones and tablets.

How can I find content that’s available on WXXI Passport?
You must activate your account for access. You'll be asked to register to confirm your identity and membership status, and then you can start enjoying WXXI Passport. WXXI Passport can be accessed on the this website, as well as on PBS.org, the PBS Video apps for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, and the PBS app on AppleTV. To get started, look for videos with the compass icon. Those videos are only available to users who are registered for WXXI Passport.

Who qualifies for WXXI Passport?
This is the newest member benefit available from WXXI for donors with a yearly contribution of at least $60 or an ongoing monthly contribution of $5 or more. It cannot be purchased separately.

Is WXXI Passport a service or subscription that people can purchase?
It is an added benefit of station membership. It cannot be purchased separately and is not a subscription service.
Does WXXI Passport mean there will be no more free streaming on PBS.org or on WXXI's website?
No. PBS and WXXI content will continue to be available for free on PBS.org, WXXI website, and other digital platforms. WXXI Passport provides extended access to a rich library of content for WXXI members to enjoy.  Certain content, including news and public affairs programs such as FRONTLINE, PBS NEWSHOUR, INDEPENDENT LENS and POV, will always be accessible to everyone.

Doesn’t having a subset of content only for donors go against what PBS and WXXI stands for?
PBS is committed to providing free streaming of local and national content across multiple platforms after a program airs. WXXI Passport goes one step further by offering an extended access to a rich library of content for station donors. Certain content, including news and public affairs programs such as FRONTLINE, PBS NEWSHOUR, INDEPENDENT LENS and POV, will always be accessible to everyone.

I’m not seeing my favorite PBS show in WXXI Passport. Why not?
Initially, several hundred hours of content will be available via WXXI Passport. This library of content will continue to grow over time as more titles are added. Please note: Only PBS distributed programs and WXXI productions are available on WXXI Passport. Shows distributed by other services like BBC, ACORN or American Public Television (such as Doc Martin, Father Brown and Foyle’s War) are not part of this service.

Will PBS KIDS content be available via WXXI Passport?
There are no plans to include PBS KIDS programming in WXXI Passport at this time. 

Read the PBS Passport FAQ for more information regarding Passport.