With Heart and Voice ® Program 1204

With Heart and Voice ® Program 1204

Sun, 01/22/2012 - 12:01am - 11:59pm

Songs of Light

On this edition of With Heart and Voice, we’ll hear music that focuses on light, both literal and figurative, as we emerge from the darkest period of the calendar year, and metaphorically, experience the coming of Light into the world.



"Come, My Light"

About halfway through the January 22 program you played this piece, in Eastern style. I thought the composer name sounded like Eamon Radage, but can't find anything like that. Could you please enlighten me? It had a female part that just repeated "Come." Thanks.

Come, My Light

Hello, Susan -

You're thinking of "Come, My Light" by Canadian composer Imant Raminsh, who was born in Latvia, and emigrated to Canada a number of years ago. A gorgeous piece!

Peter DuBois