With Heart and Voice ® Program 1152

With Heart and Voice ® Program 1152

Sun, 12/25/2011 - 12:01am - 11:59pm

A Christmas Celebration

Jubilant music rings out as we celebrate Christmas Day on With Heart and Voice. Choirs, organs, brass and percussion herald this great day!



Christmas Music

What a terrific program today!
We're listening on WFMT from Chicago.
Really enjoyed the first piece - very powerful. It made us stop our Christmas cooking, turn up the volume and enjoy the wonderful sounds. Also enjoyed the sound of the Oxford Choir and the wonderful soprano soloist - gave us chills!
Got on your website to find the program list as there are many selections we would love to prurhase to listen to on a regular basis, gut it looks like the list won't be released until tonight... we'll be back to check it out.
Thanks for sharing some great music!