With Heart and Voice ® Program 1136

With Heart and Voice ® Program 1136

Sun, 09/04/2011 - 12:01am - 11:59pm

Labor Day

Labor Day marks the unofficial end to summer, and we’ll listen to music to help us celebrate the season.  Join Peter DuBois as we hear music by Virgil Thomson, Leo Sowerby, Charles Ives and others.



Virgil Thomson, "My Shepherd Will Supply My Need"

This morning, I heard a version of the Virgil Thomson hymn, "My Shepherd Will Supply My Need." What choral group performed this piece? It was absolutely beautiful! Thank you.

Chris Noell
Greensboro, NC

Hi Chris - That performance

Hi Chris -

That performance was by the Gloriae Dei Cantores, directed by Elizabeth Patterson. It's on their CD, "Be Glad then America," GDCD008

Glad you enjoyed it!

Peter DuBois