With Heart and Voice ® Program 1105

With Heart and Voice ® Program 1105

Sun, 01/30/2011 - 12:01am - 11:59pm

Singer and conductor Simon Carrington

This week we’ll visit with singer and conductor Simon Carrington. He’ll talk with Peter DuBois about his long and distinguished career in music, and we’ll hear selections from his many recordings.



Spending the morning with Simon Carrington

I have enjoyed WHV for a very long time.

However, the new format has enhanced my enjoyment to the point at which I felt it could get no better.

I was totally wrong.

The program and the music and the company on January 30, 2011 was supremely pleasurable and will likely not be eclipsed any time soon.

Thanks for a transcendent hour.

Fred Holmes
Birmingham, AL.

Heart and Voice program, Jan.30,2011

I was on my way to choir rehearsal before today's service when i heard only a part of the interview with Simon Carrington. I wanted to hear it all, and advise a good friend who has been a King's Singer fan for a very long time. When I tried to get it to play, it played some other program, but it wasn't the one with Dr. Carrington. I would really like to know how I can get that program to play. Do I have to create an ID and password in order to listen?
Thank you -

The program audio with Simon

jeannefisher's picture

The program audio with Simon Carrington is now posted. Thanks for listening to With Heart and Voice!
Jeanne Fisher, Executive Producer