Celebrating Richard Gladwell

Richard Gladwell in his gardenWe are deeply saddened to share the news that Richard Gladwell passed away on Thursday morning, October 15 at 10:25. He was with his wife, granddaughter, and a dear friend, and died quietly and peacefully.

Richard was diagnosed with brain cancer in June. After surgery was able to spend time with his extended family, including several weeks at a lake house in upstate New York. Throughout his illness he was surrounded by family and friends in his beautiful sunroom looking out on his beloved garden.

On Sunday, November 1st, the community gathered to celebrate the life of Richard Glawell with a traditional Anglican Evensong at Asbury First United Methodist Church. Area church choirs, members of the Rochester Oratorio Society, Madrigalia and the Emerald Brass Quintet all joined forces to pay tribute our friend. Here is the program of the November 1st celebration. (pdf)

You can listen to the complete service using this special player:

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On October 25, WXXI broadcast a special tribute to With Heart and Voice host, Richard Gladwell. Co-hosted by Jeanne Fisher and Peter DuBois, the program included portions of interviews that Richard recorded over the years, along with some of his favorite music including Sir Hubert Parry’s I Was Glad, How Lovely is Thy Dwelling Place from the Brahms Requiem, Steal Away as sung by Jessye Norman, John Rutter’s Requiem and hymns by Stanford and Vaughan Williams.

With Heart and Voice Tribute to Richard Gladwell - listen to the complete episode using this special player:

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I have lived overseas for 40

I have lived overseas for 40 years in a non-English speaking country and discovered Richard's program on a local public radio station. It has been my lifeblood, and when I found publicradiofan.com on the internet a few years ago, I started a Sunday morning routine to get up by 6:00am to start listening from the first hour it begins and then repeat it throughout the day to the last time it is played on WXXI in the eveing.
This type of classical organ and choral music is fast fading from the churches and I have to rely on Richard's program to feed my soul. I will miss his soothing voice and inspiring comments.
One time I sent him an e-mail to request the origin of a special organ rendition he played of The Star Spangled Banner. I couldn't believe how quickly he responded. He was very special. God bless his memory and I hope someone else catches the vision, but I doubt anyone has the collection of sacred music that he accumulated.

Richard Gladwell

I am deeply saddened to learn of Richard's passing. I have been a fan of With Heart and Voice for some years now. My Sunday mornings have been enriched by Richard's glorious music and I too became a lover of sacred choral music because of Richard Gladwell and With Heart and Voice.
My prayers are with his beloved family and friends.

i hope With Heart and Voice will continue on in some format on WXXI

Richard Gladwell

I was so sorry to hear the sad news of Richard Gladwell's passing. I listened to "With Heart and Voice" for many years on KUHF in Houston and recently from overseas. I know that Richard had many listeners all over the US and around the world. We will all miss Richard.

Tom A. Gay, Reading, England


My condolences to Mr. Gladwell's family and friends.

Here it is.....Sunday morning and I am listening to his program as I watch the sun rise.

His voice (and the music selections) have helped me attain an inner peace that I manage to carry with me every day of my life.

Eventhough I am a "non-believer", I have been able to appreciate Mr. Gladwell's talented presentation of sacred music.

I will miss him.

An Inspiration

As a Lutheran pastor for the last 24 years, my Sunday mornings were spent in quiet contemplation and preparation for the services. Mr. Gladwell was an important part of this important and special time. Though I never knew him personally, I will greatly miss his voice that I have come to know and look forward. May the LORD be with his family during this difficult time.

Richard Gladwell

I was sorry to hear about the passing of Richard Gladwell. As a British church musician living in London, I would listen via the internet and greatly enjoyed the programme. I corresponded with Richard several times and always received a courteous reply.

Richard Gladwell

My late wife and I were consumate listeners to With Heart and Voice on WFMT Sunday mornings. It woke both of us up in the very best way. Now I feel much as I did when my Susie died, or like I've lost a very close friend, an incredible sense loss. Please, find some way to keep this wonderful program on the air, if only in reruns of Richard's great work. It's only fitting. There's nothing else quite like it on the air (even counting our beloved Pipedreams) and its loss is our loss. This from a fellow broadcaster.

Art Reis
New Lenox, IL

In thanksgiving for Richard Gladwell

As a choral musician of the Anglican tradition, I looked forward all week to Richard Gladwell's "With Heart and Voice" each Sunday morning as I drove home from church. His knowledge was unsurpassed, and I learned something new with each broadcast. He will be sorely missed by many people, but especially those (like me) who have a deep love of traditional choral music. The impact of his love for and championing of this beautiful historic music is incalculable. I hope that someone out there who shares this love and seeks to approximate his knowledge, and can help his beloved "With Heart and Voice" continue on NPR as a tribute to Richard Gladwell's memory.

Richard Gladwell

With Heart and Voice, how perfectly named : his heart and his voice that provided an hour of exaltation and transcendence that were, for me, one of true worship. Thankful for having found his program, I pray that this rarest of public offerings will be continued as the most fitting memorial to the gifts he gave to all who listened to his heart and his voice.

Richard Gladwell

It was Richard who brought me to WXXI. For years I listened to With Heart and Voice on Maine Public Radio. Several years ago MPBN "improved" (don't believe it) their programming moving WH&V to late Sunday evening, then early on Monday morning. Then I found the WXXI website, live streaming, and learned of his two hour Sunday morning program. I joined the list of WXXI listeners/contributors and found a program to record it, later a device to broadcast it through our home. It did not take long for WXXI to become my public radio station. I took comfort when Simon Pontin retired knowing I still had Richard. I hope that WXXI will find someone to continue his great tradition. I am thankful for the many hours of pleasure he gave me and send my respects to his family. May God bless him.
Ted Bromage, Mt. Desert, Maine

A True Gentleman - A True Heart

I will miss his wonderful and selfless heart and voice. Every Sunday, for years, I was inspired by the wonderful music, iorgan and voices, from his vast repertory. I attended various programs celebrating a birthday or an honor such as the one he received from the Pope. He was a unique man - of every season, Lent, Pentecost, Advent, Christmas, Easter. And I will be at the public celebration of his life, and I will raise my own heart and voice in memory of this wonderful human being and in gratitude to our Loving God. The City of Rochester was blessed by his presence.

Richard Gladwell

Richard was a model for how we all should be in life - personally and professionally. He was a gentleman of the utmost order, and one of the most professional radio programmer/producers ever. His program, With Heart & Voice, is a treasured piece of public radio. I remember the early days of talking with stations to help bring the program to a national audience. Once we got the stations to listen to the program and to hear Richard's highly engaging personality, we didn't have to "sell" it any more. Richard did all the work!

Working with Richard was the best! Every talk with him was inspiring. His love for classical music, and for listeners was infectious. I have missed working with him all these years since leaving WXXI, but knowing that he was making shows was always a comfort.

Great work. Great man. We miss you, great friend.

Richard Gladwell

I am very sad to learn of Richard Gladwell's passing.

Though other shows have been produced with a similar format, Gladwell's show is particularly outstanding due to his great connoisseurship and the quality of his extensive record collection, which he shares with his listeners.

I seriously hope that past episodes of "With Heart and Voice" will be rebroadcast - in perpetuity.

What a gentleman!

I have listened to "With Heart and Voice" for years over WFMT in Chicago, and it has always been one of my favorite programs-- even after they moved it to 6 a.m. on Sunday morning. I loved the sound of his voice, and his commentary on the music. My sincere condolences to his family and many friends. I do hope that the program will continue.

Richard far thee well

To Friends and Family,

I will miss Richard Gladwell, he brought forth church to me in a musical way. I really enjoyed his voice and confidence in his program and his vast musical knowledge. I will miss him greatly.
In Christ name
PS Enjoy the heavenly angels!

Richard Gladwell

I've known Richard since way back in the early 80s when WXXI hosted a Music Personnel Conference, and we met for the first time. And later that decade, I spent a week or so helping WXXI during a Fund Raiser, and we renewed our friendship. During this time, WCLV began syndicating "With Heart and Voice" for WXXI and has carried the program continuously since that time..probably 25 years.

Richard was a consumate curator of his beloved music, and his knowledge, authority and warm radio presence made for a unique and valued broadcast. As time moves on, we do lose those friends whose voices were so much a part of the national radio scene - William Pierce, Norm Pellegrini, Karl Haas, and now Richard.

Robert Conrad
President WCLV, Cleveland
Cleveland Orchestra Broadcast Service
Host: Weekend Radio

Richard Gladwell

What a loss for all of us. I would often prepare for church while listening to "With Heart and Voice," and would dream about a day when church might include such glorious music.
I am smiling when I imagine the music he is listening to now. How the angels must be rejoicing to have him home!

Richard Gladwell

I was deeply saddened to hear of Richard Gladwell's death. Although I did not know him personally, I often felt as though I did. My colleague, John Proffitt, General Manager and CEO of KUHF Radio in Houston, knew him well, as he worked at WXXI for a number of years. As the morning man on Sundays at KUHF, I have had the privilege of listening to Richard's informative and inspirational program for many years. He will be much missed.

Richard Gladwell - we miss you so

I met Richard through his lovely wife, Claire but got to know him when I had the wonderful treat of helping him to paint parts of the interior of the home that they shared. He told stories while we worked, and made sure to have a break for lunch and tea. Richard always took a sweet interest in my husband and daughter as well, and I always felt that he was truly present when we would see each other. I love Claire and Richard and believe that they both know how much they mean to those who know them.

Richard was a treasure

Richard's wonderful show helped me to fall in love with choral music. There was always something transcendant, peaceful, and heavenly about the music that he played. He is someone whose memory and impact will live on and on in the enriched lives of those he touched.

Love and peace to his family.


I began listening to Richard on Sundays when I moved to the Rochester area 14 years ago. Now I search for his program wherever I travel. I would hope that WXXI will find someone who will continue the fine tradition begun by such a wonderful man. Richard's family should understand that he touched the lives of so many, over several generations.

i am sorry to hear of

i am sorry to hear of richard's passing... blessings on your family during this sad time. i'll miss your gentle voice & your musical selections!

The sad news

Richard Gladwell produced one of the finest classical music shows in the history of public radio. His work made an indelible imprint on the hearts of sacred music lovers the world over. On behalf of West Virginia Public Broadcasting, I express our sincere and heartfelt condolences to his family and friends. May Richard’s legacy live on!

James A. Muhammad
Director of Radio Services
West Virginia Public Broadcasting

A True Gentleman has left the building...

In the very brief time that I knew Richard Gladwell, I developed a deep fondness and respect of him. He was always conversational, warm and downright chipper! *smile* He carried himself with an air of distinction and it was always so pleasant to see him. I feel very privileged to have made his acquaintance. I will miss him. We will all miss him. He was truly a joy to know, and a gentleman- heart & soul.

Richard's Voice made my Heart Glad+Well

I am saddened to hear of Richard's passing but am full of hope for his happiness in eternity. Listening to his show lifted my spirit and edified my mind. I am grateful to have made his acquaintance in person and on air. Until we meet again, Mr. Gladwell --

Richard Gladwell

It was my pleasure and honor to work with Richard at WXXI during the early-to-mid 1980s. He was a genuinely wonderful human being, a true gentlemen and a passionate, knowledgeable professional who pursued his craft with love, devotion...and with heart and voice.

Fair sailing, Richard!

I'm very, very sorry to hear

I'm very, very sorry to hear this. My thoughts to him and his family. I am listening to Khachaturian right now, and it is to Richard and WXXI FM that I owe a debt of gratitude for fostering my interest in classical music.

Please let us know what specific pieces Richard particularly liked so that we may honor him by listening to them.

RIP Richard

He will be greatly missed. Sunday mornings won't be the same without him, My wife and I always enjoyed his broadcasts.


I just heard the announcement about Richard's passing. I am listening to his theme song (and the Pie Jesus-thanks). There is really no way to say how much he meant to me. Hearing his voice over the music just now is so special- I think you should offer it as a podcast or something. The organist's (I didn't catch his name) testimony just now summed it up about as well as mere words can. There simply is no way I can say how much I miss him already, and everything he meant - even without knowing him personally there certainly was God in his reaching out to us, and there is nothing better. He was a unique and irreplaceable gift to all his listeners. I am sorry he suffered and grateful he had loved ones of all kinds in a host around him on this side before he left. Blessings on his family.