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With Heart and Voice playlists can usually be found in your local station's Schedule/Playlist system. If not, you can find them in the Playlist below keeping in mind that the times may not match your local broadcast. (Please note, these are the playlists for the nationally syndicated show, not the Local Rochester, NY version that airs on Sunday Mornings).

Episodes prior to October 2014, can be found in the National Listings Archive section below.


Theme Music for With Heart and Voice

The music is Trumpet Tune in D by David Johnson. It was recorded in November 2012 by Peter DuBois on the new Dobson organ at Independent Presbyterian Church in Birmingham, Alabama. While this performance is not available on CD, there are a number of wonderful recordings, including “Organ Fireworks” on Hyperion CD 66121. (on The sheet music is published by Augsburg Press, Minneapolis, MN.

National Listings Archive

Episodes from July 2010 through September 2014 should be available in WXXI's older playlist system for a limited time.

For even older Playlists

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