Women Airforce Service Pilots

Women Airforce Serivce Pilots (WASP)

During World War II, (1942-44) the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP), flew sixty million miles from 120 airfields in the USA. Thirty-eight WASP's died in the line of duty. The WASP was not considered to be part of the military. The women that flew were not eligible for any military benefits after their service. The WASPs were deactivated in December, 1944. *

Meet Dawn Seymour, of Ontario County, WASP B-17 Pilot

D. Seymour in November, 2001. 

Hear her story in her own voice:

What were the WASPs?

A Flight March, 1944

(above) D. Seymour in the center.

D. Seymour WASP (above)

WASP ready for duty.