Unleashed: The Pet Show

Unleashed: The Pet Show, hosted by WXXI News' Evan Dawson, is a monthly, hour-long radio show for pet owners and animal lovers. It looks at behavioral issues, the human-animal connection, pet health and care, rescue, therapy and work animals, animal intelligence, and more. Beth Adams, WXXI's local host of NPR's Morning Edition, serves as contributing reporter for Unleashed. She produces special segments for the show and joins Evan in studio. Each month, Unleashed guests will include a veterinarian, animal trainer, author, and/or pet owner – who will share valuable information and inspiring animal stories. Production funding is provided by Rufus Kendig, The Richard T. Bell Foundation, and The Lilliputian Foundation.

When and where to tune-in

Recently on Unleashed: The Pet Show

Friday, May 19th - 12:00pm

Dr. John Sampson, BVM&S, veterinarian at Greece Animal Hospital, answers your pet questions. 

Friday, July 15th - 12:00pm

Dr. Katrina Tyrrell, MVB, chief of staff at Finger Lakes Animal Hospital, answers your pet questions. 

Friday, April 15th - 12:00pm

Dr. Steven Smith, hospital director of Canandaigua Veterinary Hospital, answers your pet questions. 

Friday, March 18th - 12:00pm

Dr. Todd Wihlen, director of Animal Hospital of Pittsford, joins us for a discussion on connecting with your pets. 

Friday, January 22nd - 12:00pm

Unleashed looks at how to care for and protect your pets during the winter months.

Friday, December 18th - 12:00pm

Unleashed welcomes with Dr. Erik Herrema in studio to talk about pet health and well being.