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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says there’s the equivalent of one bottle of prescription painkillers for every adult American.

There is growing evidence that what happens early in a person's life can impact their future risk of developing dementia.

Alzheimer’s experts from around the world are gathered in Washington, D.C. this week for the annual conference of the Alzheimer’s Association.

Your physical and mental health are considered equally important under state and federal law. It's called “mental health parity.”  Insurers haven’t always complied. State lawmakers' recent actions intend to take hurdles from insurance out of the long path to recovery from addiction.

ell phones are at the center of rapid emergency response plans, as highlighted by events like the earthquakes in Haiti and Nepal. Researchers here in Rochester are looking at how that technology can also be used locally. 

Which hospital parents pick to deliver their baby can have serious cost consequences,according to a new study.

Researchers at the University of Rochester’s Eastman Institute of Oral Health are starting a first of its kind study exploring how stress, parenting behaviors and family function may lead to early childhood tooth decay.

A greater emphasis on prevention and a more connected system. Those are two of the main recommendations about health care in a report just released by the Finger Lakes Health Systems Agency.

Deaths from drug overdose have outpaced automobile accidents as the leading cause of injury in 35 states, including New York. But the state is making strides to curtail that trend. Physicians are integral to treating addiction, but the country has a shortage of doctors with training in the specialty.

It’s a situation that occurs all too often: Someone goes to the emergency room and doesn’t learn until he gets a hefty bill that one of the doctors who treated him wasn’t in his insurance network. Or a diligent consumer checks before scheduling surgery to make sure that the hospital she plans to use and the doctors that will perform it are all in network.