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Right about now, some low-income people who just barely qualified for subsidies on the health insurance marketplace are starting to worry: What if my income for the year ends up below the poverty level? Will I have to pay back the premium tax credits I received?

A couple of readers have posed this question in recent weeks.

There are no known cases of Ebola in New York, but Governor Cuomo and state officials are making preparations in case one occurs, and have identified eight hospitals as Ebola care centers.

While the Medicaid expansion may lead to a dramatic rise in emergency room use and hospitalizations for previously uninsured people, that increase is largely temporary and should not lead to a dramatic impact on state budgets, according to 

Several stories offer tips on renewing insurance policies for next year, including comparing your current policy to alternatives, which might offer better coverage at lower cost, and updating information about family size and income. The additional issues posed by language barriers are also explored.

A new report on the harmful effects of smoking says an estimated 480,000 deaths are caused by tobacco use in the United States each year.

The study, published in JAMA Internal Medicine, said there were 14 million Americans who suffered from at least one serious smoking-induced illness in 2009.

Fall is enrollment season for many people who get insurance through their workplace. Premium increases for 2015 plans are expected to be modest on average, but the shift toward higher out-of-pocket costs overall for consumers will continue as employers try to keep a lid on their costs and incorporate health law changes.

Two New York State regional health information exchanges have been nationally accredited for the security of their systems.

It's good for insurance companies, too, says Sonfield. Avoiding an unplanned pregnancy, even with an IUD that may cost hundreds of dollars, is a lot cheaper than paying for pregnancy and birth.

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And those who want to start shopping in advance by comparing prices for coverage will have to wait until about Nov. 9, officials said.