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The Supreme Court on Friday agreed to hear a case on a subject that’s important to millions of people who receive subsidies to help purchase coverage under the health-care law. Friday’s decision follows earlier action in July when two U.S.

Once again, the Supreme Court will decide whether the Affordable Care Act lives or dies.

By Mary Agnes Carey 

The health law’s open enrollment season is just around the corner. Are you ready?

The Affordable Care Act wasn’t directly on the ballot in any state, but voters did decide a host of health-related issues in Tuesday’s elections.  And there was no clear theme to what won and lost.

For example, voters in two states – North Dakota and Colorado – rejected so-called “personhood” amendments that would have recognized rights for unborn fetuses.

A new project at the University of Rochester Medical Center will have lung researchers breathing easier.

URMC has launched a 5-year effort to develop the Human Lung Molecular Atlas Program, or LungMAP.

A new law just signed by Governor Cuomo gives schools greater access to epinephrine, a medication that could potentially save the life of a student suffering from a severe allergic reaction.

Aiming to contain health care costs, a growing number of employers and insurers are adopting a strategy that limits how much they’ll pay for certain medical services such as knee replacements, lab tests and complex imaging.

The Ebola epidemic in Africa and fears of it spreading in the U.S. have turned the nation’s attention to the federal government’s front-line public health agency: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Local nurses are being trained to respond to Ebola.  WBFO'S Eileen Buckley says union nurses are learning how to put on protective gear and respond to an Ebola patient.