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For centuries, the central challenge in health care was ignorance. There simply wasn’t enough information to know what was making a person sick, or what to do to cure the patient.

A current NPR news investigation shows high usage of Antipsychotic drugs in nursing facilities for the elderly. The national average usage rate is 19 percent. In New York, it averages 17 percent.

Drawing on NPR’s data, WXXI found high rates of antipsychotic drugs being used in facilities in the Rochester area-near 30 percent in some places, which almost twice the state average.

When Anna Duleep went shopping recently for 2015 health coverage on the Connecticut insurance exchange, she was pleasantly surprised to find a less expensive plan.

Confusion about whether some types of job-based coverage disqualify consumers from signing up for subsidized insurance through the health law’s marketplaces may lead some people to buy skimpier employer plans instead.

New York lawyer Brett Stark, who has worked with dozens of unaccompanied Central American children who crossed into the United States in the past year, says getting the courts to grant these kids asylum is extremely difficult. So he often turns to a special advocate — a doctor.

New York State has been selected by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to participate in a pilot program that will focus on getting locally grown produce to schools in the state. And the program in New York will start in Rochester.

State Agriculture Commissioner Richard Ball tells WXXI News this program could provide a nice boost for New York farmers.

Barbara Dyskant joined 30 others who signed up to testify at a hearing in Rochester organized by Richard Gottfried, chair of the Assembly Health Committee.

The Assembly Member will use testimony from 6 hearings across the state to persuade his colleagues to support the New York Health Act, which would create universal health care all New York residents.

When Laurie LoMonaco decided to donate one of her kidneys in 2010, she had no idea just how many lives she was affecting.

"We share a very deep bond that will never be broken by time or distance."

The New York State Palliative Care Collaborative was formed recently to promote more access to this specialized type of medical care that provides relief to patients with serious diseases.

Palliative care emphasizes improving quality of life while a person copes with chronic and serious health conditions.

Richard Gottfried, chair of the Assembly Health Committee, will be at Rochester’s City Council Chambers today to hold the second of 6 hearings about universal health care in New York State.