Biz Kid$ Teacher Professional Development Kit


Purpose of the Kit:

This kit provides organizations with tools to conduct teacher professional development. It may be used for training teachers at districts, professional associations and at conference presentations. The kit will introduce teachers to the resources of Biz Kid$ and give them global strategies for using Biz Kid$ in the classroom. This is an effective way to reach many students through their teachers. The kit complements the curriculum and existing resources of the series.

Biz Kid$ Cast

Introducing Biz Kid$:

Biz Kid$ is the fun, fast-paced public television series where kids teach kids about money and business. Whether a handbag designer, podcast host, or a dog groomer, the young business owners on the series inspire viewers to turn their passions into profit. Comedy sketches and spoofs of movies make the series a hit with kids and parents alike. Biz Kid$ also shows how to use credit wisely and illustrates the importance of saving, budgeting, investing, and giving back to the community.



Teacher Professional Development Kit Table of Contents:


  • Career Exploration Module (303 KB PDF) > Download
    • Biz Kid$ Career Exploration Episodes
    • Get to Know the Biz Kids
    • Researching Careers
    • Get to Know the Makers of the Dough
      • Guest Speakers
      • Class Field Trip to a Business
      • “Learn About Careers” Day
      • Job Shadowing


  • Business Development Module (326 KB PDF) > Download
    • Dollar-A-Glass Game Competition and Business Plan
    • Create Your Own Business
      • Complete the “Planning My Business” Handout
      • Make Your Own Resume
      • Biz Cards
      • Brainstorm a Marketing Poster
      • Evaluate and Create Advertising with the “Market Me” Handout
      • Make a Biz Brochure
    • Launch a Biz Kid$ Contest


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Biz Kid$ is underwritten by a coalition of America’s Credit Unions.