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Let's Talk About Money
Let's Talk About Money:
Youth Financial Literacy

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Biz Kid$

Financial Literacy for Kids
Studies show most parents don't talk about money with their children and teachers don't spend a whole lot of class time on basic financial concepts or vocabulary.  With April being Financial Literacy Month, WXXI and its financial literacy series for kids, Biz Kid$, are proud to present a live, one-hour special focused on the importance of economic education among youth.
Gayle Jagel, CEO and Founder of The Young Entrepreneurs Academy
Diane LaVigna-Wixted, Executive Director of the New York Credit Union Foundation
Michael Masiello, Professional financial planner and member of the Greater Rochester Area Financial Literacy Initiative
Laytricia Towery, Financial Literacy Educator and Housing/Financial Literacy Counselor, Urban League of Rochester’s Home Store Program
View pictures and bios of all of the panelists.

Moderator: Julie Philipp, Managing Editor, WXXI's Center for Public Affairs

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Biz Kid$ is underwritten by a coalition of America’s Credit Unions.


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Great Show. Just what we need.

I just caught the show Biz Kid$ for the first time, and was extremely pleased with what I saw. As a 20 year-old collage student, and an aspiring investor and entrepreneur, I have realized the lack of financial education in the United States. This show pleases me very much. I thank all who are involved with this program, and believe that the education of our youth is the key to the mending of our broken economy.

Kids and Credit Cards

At what age should kids have credit cards? How can they be taught to use them responsibly? Should they have them at all?