Biz Kid$ Booth Outreach Kit


Biz Kid$ Booth Outreach Kit:


The following kit is to assist your organization in providing an interesting and interactive table or booth to introduce the Biz Kid$ Public TV series to your community. The kit can be used at such events as community fairs, festivals, displays, conferences or open houses. It is especially useful at family events and educational events.

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Table of Contents:


  • Introducing Biz Kid$
  • Purpose of the Booth Kit
  • Community Partnerships
  • Booth Event Planning Survey
  • Booth Activities and Resources
    • Attachments Note
    • Conducting Activities at the Booth
      • Computer Game: “Dollar-A-Glass”
      • Biz Kid$ Mini-Screening
      • Hold a Raffle or Giveaway: Entry & Signage, Give Away Suggestions
      • Capture Testimonials at the Booth
      • Business Partner Testimonials: Biz Brights
      • Submit a Biz Kid$ Story Idea
      • Launch a Biz Kid$ Contest
    • Take Away Activities: 
      • Create Your Own Business Kit Take away
        • Biz Kid$ Business Planning Handout
        • Make Your Own Resume
        • Biz Cards
        • Brainstorm a Marketing Poster
        • Sample Brochure
      • Episode 102 Curriculum Package Game
      • Episode 118 Curriculum Package Game
      • Episode 120 Curriculum Package Game
      • Episode 123: Curriculum Package Game
  • Data Collection Tools and Reporting
  • Customizable Informational Handouts/Displays
    • Biz Kid$ banners: customizable to print for use on your table/booth
    • Biz Kid$ Logos
    • Customizable Promotional Cards
    • Customizable Flyer: Add local air dates/time
    • Episode Descriptions
    • Let’s Go Brochure: Quick Tips & Ideas for Kid Businesses
    • Biz Kid$ Teacher Materials and Kid-Friendly Resources Brochure
    • Resource Links

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