From radio to television, smart speakers and streaming, the modern age of technology is bringing us closer to media than ever before, and WXXI wants to make sure that no one is left behind in the switch. Over the next few months, we’ll be creating tutorials on everything from activating your Passport benefits, to making a watchlist on the PBS streaming app. If you have any immediate issues or questions, you can always contact our membership department for help: or 585-258-0200.

If you’re a WXXI Television viewer using an antenna, this is an important message for you.

By law certain TV stations in our area are required to change broadcast frequencies. WXXI is one of these stations. Work is scheduled throughout the month of July. Your overnight reception of WXXI may be affected during this period. After this work is completed you will need to rescan your TV to receive the new frequencies – but don’t worry – we will still appear on your TV as WXXI 21.1 through 21.4. Check out this page for more info and updates!

PBS Anywhere

Learn how to use the PBS Player and Passport on any device from the tech experts at PBS.  Select your device below to go to the specific app/device home.  If you need additional help from PBS please click here.

PBS Kids

Using Smart Speakers

Smart Speakers and Voice Activated Assistants are becoming increasingly popular.  If you own one of these Intelligent devices you can use it to listen to WXXI stations and our Podcasts.  Learn about each device directly from the tech experts at NPR below.