Congratulations Volunteers!

On Thursday, April 6, WXXI and the Little Theatre hosted a Volunteer Appreciation reception to recognize all the volunteers that help make our organizations the best they can be! 

Irondequoit resident Bonnie Arnold received the Charles M. Wise Volunteer of the Year award. She has been a volunteer for WXXI since 2003, clocking in more than 200 hours just in the past year alone! She volunteers for WXXI’s radio drives and mans the WXXI/Little booth at the summer festivals. She is also been instrumental in helping with WXXI’s Online Auction, assisting with logistics including solicitations, item descriptions, maintaining the warehouse and operating the auction store.  Her willingness to help out with anything – always going above and beyond the call of duty – made her the perfect recipient. 

Other volunteers recognized during the awards ceremony included: 

  • Ruby Tutino received the Youth Volunteer Award
  • Gary Pudup received the Rookie of the Year Award                                  
  • Anne Schepp received the The Little Shining Star Award                          
  • Joe Farbizio received the WXXI Kids Champion Award                                          
  • Beth Henderson & Julie Kleinhans received the Can-Can Award  
  • Janet Dewart received the Sue Hatfield Membership Award
  • John Sebaste, host of La Dolce Vita on WRUR-FM & WITH-FM received the Golden Microphone                  

If you see any of the volunteers around, please congratulate them on their award!             


pictured left to right: Joe Farbizio, Anne Schepp, John Sebaste, Gary Pudup, Bonnie Arnold, CEO Norm Silverstein, Beth Henderson, Julie Kleinhans, Ruby Tutino