Radio Guidelines

On WXXI Public Radio our underwriting announcements, also called credits, thank and identify our underwriters. Unlike commercial radio stations with traditional advertising, there is no clutter on WXXI stations. Underwriting messages are crafted to suit marketing and public relations needs with straightforward, fact-based information.
All announcements are fifteen seconds in length or less (32-35 words), must name the sponsor, and are voiced by WXXI announcer staff. Each message begins with WXXI’s preamble, "Support for your public broadcasting station comes from our members and from..."
WXXI does not use pre-produced announcements or music beds. Copy can be updated as necessary. Credits must keep within the non-commercial nature of public broadcasting. Final copy approval lies with WXXI, which reserves the right to decline language or support that is deemed incompatible with the public broadcasting mission.  This special integrity protects the relationship between our stations and our listeners and extends our credibility to our sponsors.

What is allowed on WXXI Public Radio:

  • Factual information about the underwriter, including: time in business, location, neutral description of products or services
  • Telephone number or Web site address.
  • Time sensitive or event information
  • Well-established corporate slogan or positioning statement

What is NOT allowed on WXXI Public Radio:

  • Comparative statements (e.g. the best, bigger, faster)
  • Qualitative statements which involve subjective evaluation of quality (e.g. fine, great, rich, superb)
  • Price information (including "free")
  • Call to action statements which direct the audience: to call, to visit, to try, to compare
  • Inducement to buy statements which direct the audience to purchase the product (e.g. free trial period, 2 for 1)
  • First or second pronouns (e.g. I, me, you)
  • Endorsements 


Sample Underwriting Spots included here