Victor Borge's Timeless Comedy!

Victor Borge DVD

Itzhak Perlman hosts this new collection of classic Victor Borge routines. The DVD is available exclusively to members of public television at the $6 ongoing monthly level (or $72 for the year). Bonus features include a live performance in Detroit, Victor playing Danish folks songs, footage of Victor relating the inspirations of various classical composers and a tribute to Itzhak Perlman. Not enough Victor? Check out the Smorgasborge!!

The SmorgasBorge with 14 DVDs, 1 CD and Souvenir Booklet. $12.50 Ongoing Monthly (or $150 for the year) .

The DVDs include every Borge routine you love including: The Opera Singer; Two Hands - One Piano; Sergio Franchi - Follow Me; Inflationary Language; The Fly Routine; The Timid Page Turner; Autumn Leaves with Robert Merrill; How Composers Compose; The Swimming Pool Routine; Phonetic Punctuation; Dance of the Comedians; My Favorite Barber; Happy Birthday Routine; The Chemistry Professor; Danish Lullabies; and many more.  

The CDTwo Sides of Victor Borge, features 30 minutes of comedy and 30 minutes of music.  The comedy routines include: Inflationary Language; Phonetic Punctuation; Birthday Improvisations; and the monologue of great one-liners. Musical performances include:  Viennese Dance No. 1 in G-Flat Major - Friedman-Gartner; Waltz in G Major - Ignaz Friedman; Alt Wien - Leonpold Godowsky; Liebesleid - Kreisler-Rachmaninoff; Viennese Dance No. 2 in G Major - Friedman-Gartner; Medley of Danish Folk Songs (traditional)

Concert Souvenir Booklet A dozen glossy pages of timeless photos of Victor Borge with kings, queens, presidents and many legendary entertainers with behind-the-scenes observations and funny stories.  This booklet was sold at Victor Borge concerts all across America.