Sondheim on Sondheim 2-CD Set

Sondheim on Sondheim CD cover

An all-star cast headed by Barbara Cook, Vanessa Williams and Tom Wopat takes on new arrangements of over 2 dozen Sondheim tunes, ranging from the beloved to the obscure, interspersed with audio commentary by the composer himself, who reveals fascinating details about his life and his art. Available at the $75 membership level.

Track List:

Disc 1

1. My Name is Stephen Joshua Sondheim

2. Invocation/Forget War

3. Love Is in the Air

4. Comedy Tonight

5. Take Me to the World

6. Ten Years After I Was Born

7. Talent/When I Get Famous

8. Something's Coming

9. My First Professional Show

10. So Many People

11. For Many Years, Hal Prince

12. You Could Drive a Person Crazy

13. The Wedding Is Off

14. Now You Know

15. Hal Prince and I did six shows together

16. Franklin Shepard, Inc.

17. Good Thing Going

18. Sometimes a song changes its shape

19. Waiting for the Girls Upstairs

20. The Best Thing That Ever Happened

21. My first serious relationship

22. Happiness

23. Fosca's Entrance (I Read)

24. Is This What You Call Love?

25. Loving You


Disc 2

1. God

2. If you ask me to write a love song

3. Losing My Mind/Not a Day Goes By

4. A lot of people think

5. Opening Doors

6. We had three endings to Company

7. Multitudes of Amys

8. Happily Ever After

9. Being Alive

10. Something Just Broke

11. The Gun Song

12. Jule Styne and I realized with Gypsy

13. Smile, Girls

14. I suppose if there is one that's closest

15. Finishing the Hat

16. Beautiful

17. I had a lot of trouble with my mother

18. Children Will Listen

19. To me, teaching is a sacred profession

20. Send in the Clowns

21. I've often been asked why I don't write

22. Company/Old Friends

23. Anyone Can Whistle


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