Music For Life: The Story of New Horizons

Music For Life DVD cover

Marian found respite during a time of trouble. George found his life partner. Marjorie found something she’d thought she’d lost forever. They all found more than they bargained for when they joined the New Horizons Music Program, a program for senior musicians whose skills range from novice to seasoned. Marian, George, Marjorie and others share how they found a new connection to music and so much more in the hour-long documentary, Music for Life: The Story of New Horizons. Support WXXI with a pledge of just $5-a-month and we can send you a DVD copy of this compelling documentary. And if you're in the Rochester area, you can attend a free New Horizons Band Holiday Concert on Sunday December 14th at the U of R Alumni & Advancement Center, 300 East River Road (formerly St. Agnes High School). The concert is at 2pm.