50 Years With Peter, Paul & Mary

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This documentary features many of the trio's best performances and most popular songs while examining the impact of their artistry and activism throughout the world. This documentary takes you from the group's emergence in Greenwich Village into the Civil Rights and Anti-War era of the 1960s and through the decades to the present where their legacy continues to inform and inspire successive generations. Read on for the 'thank you' gift choices. 

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CD, Peter Paul and Mary: Discovered: Live in Concert  

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DVD, 50 Years with Peter Paul and Mary  

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CD, Peter Paul and Mary: Discovered: Live in Concert  

In early 1980, with the availability of portable studio-quality recording equipment, Peter, Paul and Mary began to record and archive their concerts. In most cases, the songs they sang on stage appeared on their albums. Some, however, never made the transition to the recording studio. Thought to be better suited for a live performance, these songs were set aside, waiting for the next "in concert" album to be released. 

In the decades since these live recordings were created, the tapes were carefully stored in a safe, temperature-controlled environment but were, for all intents and purposes, forgotten. However, in 2004, when searching for an in-performance song to supplement those already chosen for the group's boxed set, Carry It On , the trio was delightfully surprised with the recording quality and on-stage energy of these performances and began to consider the possibility of creating an "in concert" album from these "discovered" tapes.  

What was wonderful and unusual, considering today's technological world of multi-track recording, was that these songs stood up as whole, uninterrupted, performances that needed no additional sounds or instrumentation, or a re-do on the vocals.  Like the "good old days" in the studio when a performance was what you had, take it or leave it, the immediate chemistry of the moment was authentic, real and unadorned by later frills or fixes.  And so the spirit of Peter, Paul and Mary -- the fun, the silliness, their love and respect for each other, and their mutually held convictions -- is immediately recognizable as   the heart of this new album, Discovered .

Only one of the 13 songs on this album, "Mi Caballo," has appeared on any of the trio's previous recordings and, that one, only on the boxed set.  This collection is perhaps a "postscript" of sorts - and an ongoing wish that these "discovered" songs might add to a mutual celebration of what was a career lasting nearly 50 years. 

Track List:  

1.     You Can Tell the World

2.     Give Yourself to Love

3.     No Choice

4.     Cactus in a Coffee Can

5.     Geraldine & Ruthie May

6.     Little Ship

7.     Mi Caballo [referred to on Carry It On  as "previously unissued tour reference recording"]

8.     Be Right Back

9.     Space Suits

10.  Parallel Universe

11.  Semper Fi

12.  Show the Way

13.  Midnight Special


DVD, 50 Years with Peter Paul and Mary      

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