StoryCorps Connect-Archived

StoryCorps Connect-Archived


StoryCorps Connect was a platform that enabled anyone to record a StoryCorps interview with a loved one remotely using video conference technology during the pandemic The audio and a still photo from each interview is preserved at the Library of Congress. 


This was a great project for youth and families! Those 13 years or older can participate in interviewing a family member, mentor, teacher or other person that is significant to them. WXXI encourages, schools, libraries, youth organizations, seniors and anyone interested to participate! Any two people can have a meaningful conversation. See guides for ideas of questions and topics and the how-tos of using this simple.

Guides to Get You Started: 

Teacher Toolkit: See this toolkit if working with youth.

Community Partner Toolkit

Useful Guides to Get Started 

Learn More at StoryCorps Connect

Check out Great Thanksgiving Listen Collection at PBS LearningMedia! 

Young woman interviewing with StoryCorpsConnectOlder Gentleman Interviewing with StoryCorps Connect


1. Pick someone you want to honor with an interview and invite them to participate.

2. Prepare for your interview using our Great Questions list. A standard StoryCorps interview is 40 minutes long, although your interview can be shorter. Most participants have time to ask 6-8 questions over the course of an interview.

3. Log in. Make sure both you and your partner are logged in to StoryCorps.

4. Visit the StoryCorps Connect recording pageOnce you are there, send the provided interview link to your partner.

5. Start recording, and ask important questions. Click “Start Audio Recording”. Don’t forget to use our Great Questions

6. End your interview. Click “Stop Recording,” and then, “Save Interview”.

7. Add a title and keywords to your interview if you are the organizer of the interview.  If you are the invitee, you won’t need to do anything! 

Make one of your keywords WXXI! This will help us to gather all the stories from our region together!

8. Share and archive your interview. If you are the organizer of the interview, you’ll be prompted to select your privacy settingsNote: it might take up to 30 minutes for you to access to your interview while it is being processed.