"Broadway Or Bust" Meets "Bring It On"

"Broadway Or Bust" Meets "Bring It On"

Sat, 09/22/2012 - 12:00pm - 1:00pm

Host Robert Hammond is fresh back from New York City and he can’t wait to feature one of Broadway’s newest musicals, Bring It On

He’ll also showcase a few of the contestants and coaches appearing on PBS’ program Broadway Or Bust. The final episode of this three part series, And the Winner is, will air on WXXI-TV/HD Sunday, September 23rd at 8:00 p.m.  Don’t miss it! 

All this and the Song of the Week on this week’s Stage Notes.




"Broadway Or Bust"

Thank you for your comment, Marie. You are correct—the majority of high schools do not participate in the Jimmy Awards. I am pleased that many in the Rochester area do. In fact, Shauni Ruetz from Wayne Central won last year. What a thrill for her and for Rochester!

I liken "Broadway Or Bust" to "American Idol." That said, unlike most of the competitive singing reality shows, I thought "Broadway Or Bust" was an excellent educational piece. It presented forthright and thoughtful behind the scenes material. Broadway is a tough business—many truly gifted people will never “make it.” It highlighted that reality well. For example, I thought Brittany Dankwa from Georgia might win—she did not even make it to the top six.

Thank you for listening to Stage Notes and for your feedback.

Broadway or Bust not necessarily the best...

While the show has some entertaining moments, it's not at all accurate to claim that these kids are the "best of the best". The vast majority of high schools in the US do not participate in the Jimmy Award program and the overwhelming number of the young people admitted to top Musical Theatre college programs haven't had experience with the system either. Take the show for what it is, but remember to get tickets for HS performances in your local area and support the great kids, faculty members and parents who work hard to put on a great show!