The Science of Music with Saxophonist Ben Wood

The Science of Music with Saxophonist Ben Wood

Sat, 03/24/2012 - 12:00pm - 1:00pm

Ben Wood

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Join host Robert Hammond as he welcomes professional saxophonist Ben Wood to Stage Notes.

Mr. Wood is the CEO of ViewSPORT™, a company he founded after completing two years of medical school. As a professional musician and a scientist, he’ll discuss the synergy of music and science. Among others, he’s played regionally in the pit orchestra for Guys and Dolls and 42nd Street. Wood was the lead saxophonist in the Harper Jazz Ensemble at Binghamton University, where he received his BS in Chemistry.  As an actor, he was in the role of Dan woolf in a London production of Closer

Wood has worked professionally in studio and as a touring saxophonist with Victor Wooton, Rufus Reid, Bill Tiberio, Roger Eckers, Chris Washburn, and the members of the Tito Punte Orchestra. He has opened for acts as diverse as Styx and Less than Jake; recorded with Nicky Siano, the original DJ for Studio 54; worked with Airloom music, DJ’s to former club Nest; the Versace Mansion; Pink Elephant; Bed, Marquee; and Pacha. His first professional gigs were with the Rochester based party band Nick and the Nice Guys.

ViewSPORT™ began as an idea during long workouts. Having no real measure of the work done during each workout, the idea of a shirt that shows a design when you sweat was born. But how was sweat activated technology created? The technology was developed at a workbench in 2009 by Wood.  In early 2010, he incorporated and began the patent process for the sweat activated technology.