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Stage Notes is produced by WXXI and hosted by Rochester's own Robert Hammond who brings his vast knowledge and passion for theatre and music to this one-hour radio series. In addition to playing music from Broadway's best, Hammond shares news about the local theatre community, as well as about nationally recognized directors, choreographers and stars, and presents the occasional interview and behind- the-scenes conversation.

Listen to this week's program (updated Mondays):

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When and where to tune-in

Saturdays at 12 noon on Classical 91.5

Recently on Stage Notes (inactive page)

Saturday, September 24th - 12:00pm

Host Robert Hammond is pleased to welcome acclaimed lyricist Sir Tim Rice to Stage Notes.

Saturday, September 17th - 12:00pm

This week’s Stage Notes is sure to be animated

Saturday, September 10th - 12:00pm

It’s been a big week here at WXXI. If you haven’t heard the news, on September 6, 1966 WXXI-TV 21 launched its first broadcast, Julia Child’s The French Chef.  To celebrate, Stage Notes will feature songs from musicals that opened in the sixties.

Saturday, August 27th - 12:00pm

You might not know Marni Nixon's name, but you've probably heard her.

Saturday, August 20th - 12:00pm

Summer is in full swing! Whether you’re livin’ easy or not, be sure to listen to this week’s sizzlin’edition of Stage Notes.

Saturday, August 13th - 12:00pm

Join host Robert Hammond for a birthday celebration for Alan Lerner (August 31, 1918) and Fredrick Loewe (June 10, 1901).