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Introduce your early learner to French with our favorite panda pal, Little Pim! Designed for native English speakers who are interested in French, “Little Pim French” helps young children develop basic vocabulary about eating and drinking, playing and sharing, and sleeping and waking. The app introduces a total of 60 French words and phrases. THREE GAMES IN ONE “Little Pim French” includes three interactive games: (1) Eating and Drinking, (2) Playtime, and (3) Wake Up Smiling. In addition, each game includes three levels of play, covering basic nouns (level one), verbs (level two), and short phrases (level three). METHODOLOGY The method at each game level is to first demonstrate the vocabulary word or phrase both visually and aurally, then to help the player acquire the vocabulary, and lastly to validate and reinforce the newly acquired knowledge. Animation and interactivity help provide context in this immersive language learning experience.