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Looking for more ways to hear AM1370, WRUR-FM 88.5 and/or WEOS-FM 89.5 (Ithaca) on the go, at the office, or during your commute? We're excited to announce that we're now available on iTunes Radio.

Using iTunes Radio: 5 Easy Steps

1. Finding AM1370, WRUR-FM 88.5 and/or WEOS-FM 89.5 (Ithaca) in iTunes Radio*

You can listen to WXXI’s iTunes Radio stream in one of two ways:

  • Click on the AM1370, WRUR-FM 88.5 or WEOS-FM 89.5 banner in iTunes Radio and you’ll be directed right to the stream in iTunes Radio. Once you’re playing the stream, it will automatically be saved as one of your “My Stations” favorites in iTunes Radio. You’ll now have easy and immediate access to the stream next time you use iTunes Radio.
  • Go directly to iTunes Radio and search for AM1370, WRUR-FM 88.5 or WEOS-FM 89.5. You can use the search field in iTunes Radio and search key words like NPR, News, our call letters, WXXI, or location. The search result will give you the stream or a list of results that narrows the field so that you can find your station.

2. Where to listen to iTunes Radio

You can listen to iTunes Radio on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, PC, or Apple TV.  (also, see #5 below for what you must have to use iTunes Radio)

On iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

Open the Music app and select the Radio tab.

On Mac and PC

Open iTunes, go to your music library, and select Radio from the toolbar.

On Apple TV

Select iTunes Radio from the home screen.

3. How to find a station in iTunes Radio

Use the search field at the top of the screen to find our stations. Search the keywords “NPR Rochester” for AM1370, “WRUR” for WRUR, and “Finger Lakes NPR” for WEOS. Alternatively, just click the image below to go directly to the iTunes Radio station page.


4. How to customize your favorites in iTunes Radio

Your favorites will appear in “My Stations.” To add, delete, or reorder stations, go to Edit Stations.

5. What you MUST have to use iTunes Radio

To use iTunes Radio, you must have iOS 7 or OS X Lion v10.7 or later, iTunes 11.1, or Apple TV 6.0 or later installed on your device or computer as well as an Apple ID for use in the iTunes Store.