Caillou's World for iPad App

Caillou's World for iPad


iPad App


Kid Friendly

Join Caillou and friends and family as you explore his world and learn about letters, words, spelling and phonics!

In Caillou’s World choose one of the familiar scenes from Caillou's life (such as his playground, playschool, or attic). At first the scene will be drawn in black outlines just like a coloring book.  As you look around, an element of the scene--a toy, animal, tool, or object--will light up for a moment.  Touch it and try to figure out which letter its name begins with.  Is it A for airplane? What letter does dragonfly start with? Get it right and the item will be filled with color and the scene will begin to be filled in.  If your child guesses the wrong letter, a picture beginning with that letter will appear and they will have a chance to learn another pairing: "Box starts with a B!" and they can simply try again.  The fewer guesses it takes, the more stars you earn. 

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