Fascinatin' Rhythm Listings - 2012

January 2012

Program 1201

Release Dates: 1/5/12 – 1/12/12

Real People, Real Talk.  How song lyrics changed early in the 20th century from stylized to realistic, formal to slangy, ornote to conversational.


Program 1202

Release Dates: 1/12/12 – 1/19/12

The Waltz and the Polka. Once the upper crust tamed the waltz and polka, we had a chance to discover how wide-ranging these two popular dance forms really were.


Program 1203

Release Dates: 1/19/12 – 1/26/12 (Repeat 0702)

Black Ragtime. Scott Joplin didn't invent ragtime and he certainly wasn't its only important composer.  Here are some of the others, from Luckey Roberts to Eubie Blake.


Program 1204

Release Dates: 1/26/12 – 2/2/12 (Repeat 0736)

Live Alone and Like It. After the affair ends, you may be surprised to learn that you don’t die of grief.  Life goes on, and these songs know something about it.


February 2012

Program 1205

Release Dates: 2/2/12 – 2/9/12

Carrying the Torch.  Torch songs never let a singer lose track of what they feel, how deeply they feel it, and how they need to express their sense of longing and betrayal.


Program 1206

Release Dates: 2/9/12 – 2/16/12 (Repeat 839)

Bad Jokes. Actually, they’re terrible jokes.  But they’re funny.  Songs as jokes, as vaudeville routines, and as unmitigated nonsense.  I defy you not to laugh out loud at least once.


Program 1207

Release Dates: 2/16/12 – 2/23/12

Come Follow the Band.  Once marches got so popular in the late 19th century, it was only a matter of time before Tin Pan Alley began to set its love songs to march tempos.


Program 1208

Release Dates: 2/23/12 – 3/1/12 (Repeat 848)

You’re Blasé. As popular songs move past the 20s, even into the gritty days of the Great Depression, they take on a new sophistication, not only in the writing, but in the way they think and sing about love.


March 2012

Program 1209

Release Dates: 3/1/12 –3/8/12

Dancing with the Dolly. There are dollys to play with and dolls to—um—play with, too.


Program 1210

Release Dates: 3/8/12 – 3/15/12 (Repeat 704)

And So To Bed. From the first time to the last, from passion to comfort, from ardor to the blues to comedy, songs for under the blanket.


Program 1211

Release Dates. 3/15/12 – 3/22/12

Strings. With a banjo and a ukulele, too, no sad songs allowed. Guitars and mandolins are a different story.


Program 1212

Release Dates: 3/22/12 – 3/29/12 (Repeat 734)

Cheap Decadent Drivel. With their love of word play, song lyricists rise to new heights (or sink to new depths) in the casting of original insults.


April 2012

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May 2012

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June 2012

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July 2012


Program 1227

Release Dates. 7/5/12 – 7/12/12

Domesticity. When the middle class embraced the values of domesticity and propriety before the 20th century swept them away, popular music recorded their point of view.


Program 1228

Release dates. 7/12/12 – 7/19/12

Dinah Shore. The career of one the best jazz-influenced female crooners of the 1940s.


Program 1229

Release dates. 7/19/12 – 7/26/12

Sentimental Me. Songs sing about feelings, and here are words they use for feelings, themselves.


Program 1230

Release dates. 7/26/12 – 8/2/12

Inevitable Berlin. Irving Berlin’s best songs feel as if they had to be written just that way. They are both timeless and inevitable.


August 2012


Program 1231

Release dates  8/2/12 – 8/9/12

Hearing That Song Again. Giving songs new life by making a ballad into a blues, a waltz into a rag. Popular songs keep remaking themselves.


Program 1232

Release dates  8/9/12 – 8/16/23

Prohibition. Alcohol may have been illegal for fourteen years but songs about it weren’t, especially in its first few years.


Program 1233

Release dates  8/16/12 – 8/23/12

Words (only) by Irving Berlin. Early in his career, Irving Berlin wrote only the lyrics; here are those rediscovered songs.


Program 1234

Release dates 8/23/12 – 8/30/12

Optimistic Upbeat Jerry Herman. No songwriter for Broadway was ever as consistently optimistic in outlook and endings as Jerry Herman. It was a matter of temperament.


September 2012


Program 1235

Release dates 8/30/12 – 9/6/12

The Shermans: Father and Sons. Two generations of songwriters from Tin Pan Alley to Disney Studios.


Program 1236 (Repeat 1013)

Release dates.  9/6/12 – 9/13/12

Independent Women from the 40s. They marched in review, drove cabs, and welded aircraft carriers.  They were the independent women of World War II, and we told their stories in songs.


Program 1237

Release dates 9/13/12 – 9/20/12

Young and Donnelly. When songwriting was no job for a woman, these two wrote the two greatest operettas in American theater history.


Program 1238 (Repeat 0938)

Release dates 9/20/12 – 9/27/12

That Eccentric Rag. There were early rags and then the classic rags of Scott Joplin, and then there were the later Eccentric Rags – intricate and ornate – by Zez Confrey and his contemporaries.


Program 1239

Release dates 9/27/12 – 10/4/12

Love with an Edge. Love songs that trade in limits, irony, hard-eyed clarity – and unquenchable romanticism.


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