Fascinatin' Rhythm Listings - 2011

January 2011

RELEASE DATES  December 30, 2010-January 6, 2011
GOOD TIMES AND BAD – When the year turns, it’s always a time for hope, but preferably with your eyes wide open.

RELEASE DATES January 6-13, 2011
CURTAIN GOING UP – How a Broadway show starts sets the tone, introduces characters and starts the plot, and may just tell when the show was written.

RELEASE DATES January 13-20, 2011
“BLUE MOON” PLUS – “Blue Moon” became a great standard without ever becoming a great hit; here’s its unlikely story, complete with asides and digressions.

RELEASE DATES January 20-27, 2011
DAVE FRISHBERG IS HIP – Dave Frishberg is a jazz musician who also sings and plays jazz piano, the only truly hip songwriter.

RELEASE DATES January 27-February 3, 2011
LIVING IN LOVELAND – The place where lovers dream of going, expressed in the elevated romanticism of operetta and the everyday talk of Tin Pan Alley.


February 2011

RELEASE DATES  February 3-10, 2011
HAMMERSTEIN BEFORE RODGERS – Oscar Hammerstein started writing musical comedies, made his name in operetta, and found his career collapsing in the 1930s. Then he teamed up with Richard Rodgers.

RELEASE DATES  February 10-17, 2011
ODD CONVERSATIONS – Strange associations, offbeat expressions, and complicated constructions designed to make songs distinctive.

RELEASE DATES  February 17-24, 2011
EARLY DANCE BANDS – Big Bands dominated music in the 1930s and 1940s, but they first took form in the 1920s.  They didn’t all last but they all helped shape the Big Band sound.

RELEASE DATES  February 24-March 3, 2011
HOAGY CARMICHAEL AFTER DARK – The jazz-shaded side of Hoagy Carmichael gives us songs tinged with reflection, wonder, and a trace of melancholy.


March 2011

RELEASE DATES   March 3-10, 2011
LIVE ALONE AND LIKE IT – After the affair ends, you may be surprised to learn that you don’t die of grief.  Life goes on, and these songs know something about it.

RELEASE DATES  March 10-17, 2011
BILL BAILEY…AND MORE – More “Bill Bailey” songs than you can imagine, and most of linked to ragtime and marching bands.

RELEASE DATES  March 17-24, 2011
DETAILS – The ways songwriters shape the quick, familiar references that define and distinguish attitude and point of view in a popular songs.

RELEASE DATES  March 24-31, 2011
EVERY DAY IN EVERY WAY: ANNE CALDWELL – Songs by one of the important female lyricists of her time with music, mostly, by Jerome Kern.


April 2011

Program 1114
Release Dates: 03/31/11 - 04/07/11
MR. MOON & EVENING STAR –We’ve got thousands of songs about the moon and the stars, but these have a wrinkle that makes them distinctive.

Program 1115
Release Dates: 04/07/11 - 04/14/11
GEORGE AND IRA IN 1937 – Irving Berlin said that nobody ever wrote better songs in a single year than the Gershwins in 1937.

Program 1116
Release Dates: 04/14/11 - 04/21/11
PERSONAL SONGS – Songwriters before the mid-fifties rarely wrote about themselves.  It took over a year to find enough examples of personal songs to make a single program.

Program 1117
Release Dates: 04/21/11 - 04/28/11
TWO KINDS OF 30S MUSICALS – Astaire and Rogers at RKO helped us escape the Depression; the Gold Diggers at Warners gave us the everyday grit and struggle.


May 2011

Program 1118
Release Dates: 04/28/11 - 05/05/11
BEGINNING WITH BODY & SOUL – A great song by an unknown songwriter leads to other songs it influenced and other songs he wrote.

Program 1119
Release Dates: 05/05/11 - 05/12/11
WISHING ON A STAR – A body of songs, romantic and almost child-like in their belief in love.

Program 1120
Release Dates: 05/12/11 - 05/19/11
YOU IRRITATE ME SO – Love songs that don’t come from Never Never Land.  They’re more about the way lovers really get along, at least some of the time.

Program 1121
Release Dates: 05/19/11 - 05/26/11
YOU HYPNOTIZE ME SO – Hypnotic songs are passionate, overheated, and erotic.  You can probably hear the pounding drums and rising heartbeats.

Program 1122
Release Dates: 05/26/11 - 06/02/11
THE GREATEST OF THE FOLLIES: 1919 – Irving Berlin wrote most of the score and Eddie Cantor occupied the spotlight.


June 2011

Program 1123
Release Dates: 06/02/11 - 06/09/11
WHATEVER HAPPENED TO WODEHOUSE – He went back to England to create Bertie Wooster, but first he wrote songs, mainly with Jerome Kern.

Program 1124
Release Dates: 06/09/11 - 06/16/11
IF SWING GOES – There can’t be popular music without whatever it is that jazz gives it.  Part of the answer is swing, so it soon became something we sang about.

Program 1125
Release Dates: 06/16/11 - 06/23/11
WAY OUT WEST – Songs about the West courtesy of Tin Pan Alley, located about as far East as you can get.

Program 1126
06/23/11 - 06/30/11
CRAZY WORDS, CRAZY TUNE – In the 20s, there was something wacky and slap-happy about tossing away restraint and joining the party.  It was the time for “Vo-do-de-oh, vo-do-do-de-oh-do!”


July 2011

Program 1127
Release Dates: 06/30/07 – 07/07/11
Sweet Madness: The Songs of Victor Young. His name isn’t well known, but Victor Young was a major composer, arranger, and conductor for motion picture.

Program 1128
Release Dates: 07/07/11 – 07/14/11
The New Woman. Even before World War I, things were changing for the “new woman” who insisted on making her own way in the world.

Program 1129
Release Dates: 07/14/11 – 07/21/11
And the World Goes Round. Songs in which the world is everything from great, big, wide, and wonderful to a place you’re sitting on top of.

Program 1130
Release Dates: 07/21/11 – 07/28/11
Harrigan and Braham. This is the Harrigan that George M. Cohan sang about.  He and his partner helped to define the American musical in the 1880s, and lift the Irish beyond stereotype.

Program 1131
Release Dates: 07/28/11 – 08/04/11
Winners and Losers. Songs for betting everything you’ve got on love and winning. Sometimes.


August 2011

Program 1132 (Repeat 745)
Release Dates: 08/04/11 – 08/11/11
I Don’t Want To Play in Your Yard. We discovered childhood in the 19th century.  Children weren’t small versions of adults anymore, so we started to sing about them.

Program 1133
Release Dates: 08/11/11 – 08/18/11
The Wit of Dorothy Fields. The crackle of irreverence and intelligence set to the rhythms of everyday speech: that’s a lyric by Dorothy Fields.

Program 1134 (Repeat 732)
Release Dates: 08/18/11 – 08/25/11
Catch Phrases. Common expressions that are always on the tip of your tongue, so common they’re an immediate invitation into a new song.

Program 1135
Release Dates: 08/25/11 – 09/01/11
This Must Be Illegal. Tributes to what may just be the most delightful form of sin.


September 2011

Program 1136 (Repeat 706)
Release Dates: 09/01/11 – 09/08/11
Love Plus. Love songs with more than one emotion, with an unusual point of view.  That something extra is what they have in common.  

Program 1137
Release Dates: 09/08/11 – 09/15/11
Yes, Yes, My Baby Said Yes, Yes. Agreeable songs, happy songs, ecstatic songs, all for when you get the right answer.

Program 1138 (Repeat 729)
Release Dates: 09/15/11 – 09/22/11
Arlen and Koehler. Major composer Harold Arlen and underrated lyricist Ted Koehler collaborated at the beginning of Arlen’s career.  They were two white songwriters who wrote for the Cotton Club during the latter days of the Harlem Renaissance.

Program 1139
Release Dates: 09/22/11 – 09/29/11
Glamour. It isn’t always easy to find in a popular song, but sometimes you detect traces it underneath the everyday.


October 2011

Program 1140
Release Dates: 09/29/11 – 10/6/11 (Repeat 817)
Rodgers and Hart in NYC. New York City born and bred, Rodgers and Hart loved New York but also looked at it clear-eyed in songs that combined the wiseguy wit and blunt emotionalism you expect from New Yorkers.

Program 1141
Release Dates: 10/6/11 – 10/13/11
The Coming of Vaudeville. Songs from those decades when Tony Pastor and the circuits were forming America’s first great entertainment of the 20th century.

Program 1142
Release Dates: 10/13/11 – 10/20/11 (Repeat 701)
All Alone. These songs are less about the intimacy you find than the stolen moments you seek and find - some of the time.

Program 1143
Release Dates: 10/20/11 – 10/27/11
The Exotic Strain. During the affluent 20s, when all the right people traveled, popular songs traded the commonplace for the exotic, from Araby to Asia.

November 2011

Program 1144
Release Dates: 10/27/11 –11/03/11 (Repeat 733)
Ira Gershwin: When Wit Serves Romance. Ira Gershwin hated to fall back on hackneyed expressions.  He much preferred to do something harder, like writing about romance with wit.

Program 1145
Release Dates: 11/03/11 – 11/10/11
Putting a Flavor to Life.  A batch of eccentric love songs to put some snap, sizzle, and spice to the taste of love.

Program 1146
Release Dates: 11/10/11 – 11/17/11 (Repeat 816)
In the Land of Fancy. Not fairy tale kingdoms, exactly, but improbable, unlikely, exotic, and downright made up places

Program 1147
Release Dates: 11/17/11 – 11/24/11
The Invisible Roger Edens.  Whenever a screenwriter, a director, or a star needed a song, Roger Edens was the composer/lyricst most often called on. Quick, sure, and talented, he got the job done for thirty years.

Program 1148
Release Dates: 11/24/11 – 12/01/11 (Repeat 712)
How They Write the Songs. What's the trick?  How do they do it?  When somebody asked Sammy Cahn which came first, the words or the music, he said, "The phone call."

December 2011

Program 1149
Release Dates: 12/01/11 – 12/08/11
Hurry, It’s Lovely Up Here.  Songs for being up on the rooftops, from penthouses to tenements, from summer heat to pouring rain.

Program 1150
Release Dates: 12/08/11 – 12/15/11 (Repeat 739)
You Can’t Stop Me from Loving You. Loving no matter what, and then the mission becomes persuasion, something songs are supposed to be good at.

Program 1151
Release Dates: 12/15/11 – 12/22/11
The Songs of Henry Clay Work.  Stephen Foster is the most famous songwriter of the 19th century, but Work joins Foster on the short list of the most important of their century.

Program 1152
Release Dates: 12/22/11 – 12/29/11 (Repeat 847)
Silent Movies and Songs. In a way, movies were never silent; there was always a piano to accompany the action onscreen, and outside the streets were filled with the syncopated thump of ragtime.

Program 1153
Release Dates: 12/29/11 – 01/05/12
Shimmy, Stomp, Slow Drag, and Strut.  The new kind of dancing the 20th century gave us—hot, sexy, and deliciously low down.  An hour of “demonstratin’.”