Fascinatin' Rhythm Listings - 2010

January 2010

UPLINK January 7
RELEASE DATES January 7-14
PROHIBITION — Alcohol may have been illegal for fourteen years but songs about it weren’t, especially in its first few years.

UPLINK January 14
RELEASE DATES January 14-21
ALLEYMEN OF THE 30s — A handful of forgotten songwriters who wrote songs we still can’t get out of our heads.

UPLINK January 21
RELEASE DATES January 21-28
TWO CHEERS FOR AMERICA — E.M. Forster wrote a book called Two Cheers for Democracy. Songwriters of skeptical (but never cynical) admiration take up the call.

UPLINK  January 28
RELEASE DATES January 28-February 4
BACKSTAGE — Theater people intrigue us, everybody from the star to the star’s mother. Their backstage stories are the stuff of “frontstage” songs.


February 2010

UPLINK February 4
RELEASE DATES February 4-11
THE SCHOOL OF MERCER — Songs from the 1940s, not necessarily by Johnny Mercer, but influenced by his view of America that was a lot broader than the poles of Broadway and Hollywood.

UPLINK February 11
RELEASE DATES February 11-18
BEFORE I MET YOU — Lovers looking back regret the wasted time before they met; what’s most interesting is the variety of moods and attitudes.

UPLINK February 18
RELEASE DATES February 18-25
FALLING IN LOVE — The easy part of a love affair, from attraction to invitation to tumbling to figuring it out – and the ecstasy that comes with it.

UPLINK February 25
RELEASE DATES February 25-March 4
THE GERSHWINS IN HOLLYWOOD — They had to drag George kicking and screaming to Hollywood.  He couldn’t wait to get back to New York.  But in those last few years of his life, he and Ira wrote some of their greatest songs together.


March 2010

UPLINK March 4
WHATEVER HAPPENED? — Things get lost, times change, fascinations fade, love ends. One response: the raising of questions to place blame, look within, get yourself past it.

UPLINK  March 11
RELEASE DATES  March 11-18
MR. JAZZ HIMSELF — First ragtime songs were about ragtime.  Then Jazz Age songs got it into their heads to sing about jazz.

UPLINK  March 18
WHERE ARE THE SONGS? — We like what we know; we like what we remember, what we grew up on.  Especially when it comes to songs.

UPLINK March 25
RELEASE DATES  March 26-April 1
AMONG MY SOUVENIRS — Songs about mementoes: objects that conjure up precious memories of other times.


April 2010

RELEASE DATES: April 1-8, 2010
OPTIMISTIC, UPBEAT JERRY HERMAN – No songwriter for Broadway was ever as consistently optimistic in outlook and endings as Jerry Herman. It was a matter of temperament.

PROGRAM: (Repeat 0644) 1014
RELEASE DATES: April 8-15, 2010
BLUES SONGS – There are traditional blues and urban blues, and then Tin Pan Alley borrows from both to give us “Blues Songs.”

RELEASE DATES: April 15-22, 2010
NIGHT & DAY… AND MORE – “Night and Day” is one of Cole Porter’s most famous song. Its importance reflects its time, its performances, and its associations with other songs.

PROGRAM: (Repeat 0620) 1016
RELEASE DATES:  April 22-29, 2010
TWO SETS OF SISTERS – In the 30s, they were named Boswell, and a decade later they answered to Andrews: what they accomplished and why we liked them so much.


May 2010

RELEASE DATES: April 29-May 6, 2010
SONGS FOR SONGWRITERS – Songwriters were never reluctant to write love songs about writing love songs.

PROGRAM: (Repeat 0608) 1018
RELEASE DATES: May 6-13, 2010
CAKEWALKIN’ BABIES FROM HOME – Just as they influenced our music, black people have also shown us new ways to dance.

RELEASE DATES: May 13-20, 2010
ALEXANDER’S RAGTIME BAND PLUS – There has never been a more important song than “Alexander’s Ragtime Band,” now almost a hundred years old.

PROGRAM: (Repeat 0637) 1020
RELEASE DATES: May 20-27, 2010
THE DANCING CASTLES – When they danced, millions of women followed their lead and a nation changed.


June 2010

RELEASE DATES: May 27-Jun 3, 2010
FANCY YOU FANCYING ME – Playful songs about the fanciful, imaginative business of falling in love.

PROGRAM: (Repeat 604) 1022
RELEASE DATES: Jun 3-10, 2010
JAVA JIVE – Songs for the first – and the second – cup of coffee.  We sing as we sip.

RELEASE DATES: Jun 10-17, 2010
JUST GO TO THE MOVIES – Songs about sitting in the movie house and what you think and feel about what (and who) appears on the screen.

PROGRAM: (Repeat 610) 1024
RELEASE DATES: Jun 17-24, 2010
LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, THAT’S LOVE – Once you figure it out, you have to tell somebody.  In fact, you feel as if you have to tell everybody.                             

RELEASE DATES: Jun 24-Jul 1, 2010
SAMMY FAIN AND IRVING KAHAL – One of the best, most successful, and least known of all the collaborations.


July 2010

PROGRAM 1026 (Repeat 625)
RELEASE DATES  July 1-8, 2010
LOVE CAN BE HABIT FORMING – It can even be stimulating, addictive, or intoxicating.

RELEASE DATES July 8-15, 2010
ICONIC SONGS – A few songs succeed, few become standards, and even fewer become icons.  These are some of the icons.

PROGRAM 1028 (Repeat 639)
RELEASE DATES July 15-22, 2010
LOVE FOR SALE – The Depression brought hard times for women, who had to survive however they could.  These are their songs.

PROGRAM 1029 (Repeat 613)
RELEASE DATES  July 22-29, 2010
OFF RHYTHMS – Some songs sound like no other.  The trick lies in the way they use rhythm.


August 2010

RELEASE DATES  July 29-August 5, 2010
WHY MARRY THEM – The goal in a lot of songs is marriage as the culmination of love, but sometimes another question, not quite uttered, floats underneath.

RELEASE DATES August 5-12, 2010
MARRIAGE, SORT OF – Some harder truths about the joys of marriage, given vivid expression often in the lyrics of Stephen Sondheim.

PROGRAM 1032 (Repeat 628)
RELEASE DATES August 12-19, 2010
HUTCHINSON FAMILY SINGERS – Together, they were one of America’s first important professional singers, performing the songs of abolition, temperance, war, and love.

PROGRAM 1033 (Repeat 618)
RELEASE DATES August 19-26, 2010
SINATRA STARTS – With Harry James and Tommy Dorsey, young Frank Sinatra became America’s heartthrob.


September 2010

RELEASE DATES  August 26-September 2, 2010
RICHARD WHITING IN THE 1920s – The first of two parts devoted to the songs of one of the Hollywood’s major songwriters.

RELEASE DATES September 2-9, 2010
RICHARD WHITING IN THE 1930s – The second hour of Richard Whiting’s songs, culminating in his untimely death at the age of 46.

PROGRAM 1036 (Repeat 649)
RELEASE DATES  September 9-16, 2010
TROTTING THE FOX – The Fox Trot is the most durable dance of the 20th century.  It appears on Broadway before WW1 and we’re still doing it.

RELEASE DATES September 16-23, 2010
BARROOMS AND BARTENDERS – All those evenings of bibulous conviviality and sentimental weeping in one’s beer captured in song.

PROGRAM 1038 (Repeat 648)
RELEASE DATES  September 23-30, 2010
MARITAL BUMPS AND BRUISES – Comic songs about being married that admit of true love but also come pretty close to the truth.


October 2010

RELEASE DATES September 30 – October 7, 2010
WHO’S SORRY NOW – A love affair ends and we hear the despair; that we understand. But these songs take a different approach: they’re out to get even.

PROGRAM 1040 (Repeat 643)
RELEASE DATES October 8-14, 2010
KEEP YOUR UNDERSHIRT ON – Songs about underwear, pajamas, and the onset of nudity.  An hour of precaution and of throwing caution to the wind.

RELEASE DATES  October 15-21, 2010
YIP’S BARBED WIT – Lyricist Yip Harburg, who loved to write about rainbows, also loved to use his wit and wordplay to skewer clichés and bad guys. His social conscience took form as humor.

PROGRAM 1042 (Repeat 636)
RELEASE DATES October 22-28, 2010
ANDY RAZAF: WHAT HARLEM IS TO ME – Andy Razaf worked out of Harlem, and his lyrics reflect its cultural life in the 1920s and 1930s, during the heyday of the Harlem Renaissance.


November 2010

RELEASE DATES October 29-November 4, 2010
BACK IN TENNESSEE – People going home, leaving the city behind to return, in this case, to Tennessee, where they found small towns and farms, and also rediscovered jazz and the blues.

PROGRAM 1044 (Repeat 536)
RELEASE DATES November 5-11, 2010
DEPRESSION DEPRESSION – Losing a job can get you down, and these songs follow the mood where it takes you.

RELEASE DATES November 12-18, 2010
THEY’RE ALL GOOD AMERICAN NAMES – American names come from nearly everywhere—from history, the Bible, slang and conversation as well. And then they turn up in songs.

PROGRAM  1046 (Repeat 609)
RELEASE DATES  November 19-25, 2010
WORKING GIRLS – On the path from suffrage to breaking the glass ceiling, women have set their struggles to song.

RELEASE DATES November 26-December 2, 2010
THANKSGIVING BLESSINGS – Those in a thankful mood will find that popular songs express common assumptions and idiosyncratic assertions alike.


December 2010


PROGRAM 1048 (Repeat 640)
RELEASE DATES December 3-9, 2010
YOU CAN’T STOP ME FROM LOVING YOU – Have you ever noticed how love songs can be submissive and defiant at the same time?  It’s that mix of sentiment and wit we prize.

RELEASE DATES December 10-16, 2010
PENTHOUSE SERENADE – Songs about living in New York, day by day, from a penthouse to a fourth floor walk-up.

PROGRAM 1050 (Repeat 622)
RELEASE DATES  December 17-23, 2010
A NEW VIEW OF VINCENT YOUMANS – Usually seen as a typical 1920s songwriter, Vincent Youmans actually helped to push the musical in new directions.

PROGRAM 1051 (Repeat 634)
RELEASE DATES December 24-30, 2010
YOUNG NO LONGER – Just because you aren’t young anymore doesn’t mean love has passed you by for good.  Songs for a new discovery.

RELEASE DATES December 31, 2010-January 6, 2011
GOOD TIMES AND BAD – When the year turns, it’s always a time for hope, but preferably with your eyes wide open.