Station Signals - May 2009

Station Signals - May 2009
Download our May program guide featuring the WXXI Auction, station news, and the month's highlights for WXXI TV and Radio. 
Just click on the attachment link below to download the guide as a PDF.
Please note that to keep the PDF permanently on your computer, you may need to secondary-click (often a right click on a PC or a control-click on a Mac) and select the option to save/download the link.
Also, feel free to add your comments below about this month's guide!
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Late arriving program guides?

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A member sent us a comment about his paper program guide not arriving on time. We have addressed this concern in our new FAQ section. We believe that this is not happening for most members, but please let us know if it's happening to you via our Contact Form (or call the Member Hot Line at 585-258-0200).

Andrew Wheeland - Director of Interactive Services