Station Signals - March 2009

Station Signals - March 2009
Download our new program guide featuring March music specials, station news, and the month's highlights for WXXI TV and Radio. 
Just click on the attachment link below to download the guide as a PDF.
Please note that to keep the PDF permanently on your computer, you may need to secondary-click (often a right click on a PC or a control-click on a Mac) and select the option to save/download the link.
Also, feel free to add your comments below about this month's guide!
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Thanks! for the online guide

Very "green" to make this available online!




Please alert MAC users that they need to SAVE the PDF to their hard drive as it does not download. It only opens on a MAC and then MAC users need to save it to view.



Andrew Wheeland's picture

Glad you like it!  That's a good point... I can add a reminder about how to do that... Mac users (using the newest version of Mac OS and Safari at least) should also note that if they mouse over the view of the PDF near the bottom, there is a button that can be clicked to save the PDF to their download folder.

Andrew Wheeland - Director of Interactive Services

WXXI’s Viewers’ Choice

How do the viewers vote or select the programs aired during WXXI’s Viewers’ Choice?

Viewer's Choice

Viewer's Choice programs are selected from among the programs that are on the air during our March Fund Raising Drive. The programs are selected based on how well they "pledge" during the drive. The better they do the more likely they will be on during Viewer's Choice!