Station Signals - June 2009

Station Signals - June 2009
Download our June program guide featuring the last WXXI Station Guide, station news, and the month's highlights for WXXI TV and Radio. 
Just click on the attachment link below to download the guide as a PDF.
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Also, feel free to add your comments below about this month's guide!
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Station Signals Hardcopy

When I last commented (062709) on the format of your new programming guide, I was relating to the downloaded version; we hadn’t yet received your mailed hardcopy. It arrived late.

Having the hardcopy in hand, my original appreciation for your budgetary difficulties has morphed into a concern that I have entirely misunderstood your situation. The new guide appears to be printed on heavier stock paper than the older version and obviously is a larger size. Although of fewer pages, it would seem that mailing costs per copy couldn’t be much different than the old guide. As for printing costs, are they really sufficiently less to justify diminishing the original guide’s content?

I’ve also had time to use your interactive webpage guide that frustrates any attempt to quickly ascertain the entire upcoming month’s programming content, relating one week to any other. The information appears to be all there, but it can’t be downloaded, provides no informative overview, and – most frustratingly time-consuming – is broken into miniscule two hour sections, one day at a time.

Has this transition been as difficult for your staff as it has been for us?

Please, provide us with a downloadable program guide combining the best features of the old and new guides:
1. all your stations with chronological programming (as in the new guide)
2. 24/7 chronology (as in the old guide) for the entire month
3. program names, titles, and descriptions (as in the old guide, hopefully even better!)
4. no advertising (as in the new guide)
5. informative features (as in the old guide) on separate pages from the programs to allow choice in whether to print them out or not

Patrons without computers could have friends, relatives, or even the public libraries (hopefully for a modest fee) print out what pages are desired each month.

Patrons with computers could choose to either use the downloaded guide or print out selected pages as needed.

No mailing costs; no printing costs; but an abundance of information readily accessible according to the preference of each individual.


Thanks for sharing your ideas!

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I'm the Director of WXXI's web services and I appreciate you taking the time to share some ideas.
I can't speak to the relative costs of producing the new "program listings" vs. the old "program guide"... Perhaps our membership or creative services departments can address that.
But in regard to our website guide, I can tell you that a new version of the schedules is in development by PBS.  (Nearly all PBS stations around the country use this same guide developed by PBS on their sites -- there are a couple of stations with large teams that have created their own custom guide system).  We have been sharing viewer feedback with PBS as have many other stations, and they have taken this into account and a new version of the schedule is to be released yet this summer.  Among other enhancements, we're told that it will include a full-week view of the upcoming programming so that you can get more on your screen at one time.  Hopefully it will have a number of other improvements that will make using the website more useful.  I'd like to hear your feedback again after it is in place.

Andrew Wheeland - Director of Interactive Services