Station Signals - April 2009

Station Signals - April 2009
Download our April program guide featuring the WXXI Auction, station news, and the month's highlights for WXXI TV and Radio. 
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Station Signals

What a great feature - to be able to view the monthly magazine and print out only what we need! It saves postage and paper. The environment is the winner. Mary and Dick

Your on-line TV schedules or lack thereof

Tried to find the online TV schedule that used to be a great resource now that I get all 3 digital stations. It is gone. Where did it go? The best I could find is to download that huge PDF file of your monthly magazine. Don't want to read the monthly magazine. I wanted to find out if the "Jews of New York" was going to be broadcast again as I told several friends how interesting it was. Doesn't make a lot of sense to be so secretive about your programming. Maybe you could explain to me why this is a good thing.

BTW - Are you planning to rebroadcast "Jews of New York"? Thanks

Diane Meyer

Hello, Diane!  Thanks for

Andrew Wheeland's picture

Hello, Diane! 

Thanks for your message. I can only help you with the question about the Online TV Schedule.  It can be found here:    You can also find it by clicking Television on the left-hand side of most pages, it will be one of the choices on the page that appears as well as the submenu directly under Television.

I will mention your comment to someone in our Television Programming department so that they can respond regarding the Jews of New York.

Andrew Wheeland - Director of Interactive Services

PROGRAM: "The Jews of New York"

Thank you so much for posting to let us know you enjoyed the program "The Jews of New York" and for spreading the word about it to your friends, too! I see that the program was produced by member station WLIL in New York, NY, and aired on April 9th from 10-11PM on the Create/ThinkBright channel as part of the ThinkBright line-up.
Although no additional airdates are scheduled on WXXI's channels at this time, I was able to find the program's web site which includes segments from the program available to view online:
The program might be repeated on one of the other channels in future, so when you occasionally visit the WXXI online listings (the link that Andrew posted in the comment above) you can enter the name of the program in the "SEARCH TV LISTINGS" box and the search will let you know if the program is scheduled for any of WXXI's channels up to about 3 weeks in advance. I hope this information helps. If you have more inquiries, I'd be happy to take your call, just call the station and ask for Television Programming.