Program Listings - September 2012

Program Listings - September 2012
Download our program listings featuring the month's highlights for WXXI TV and Radio. 

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Format of new program guide

Is there a secret to getting the page size of the new program guide reduced so it will fit on a single page. Only the vertical pages print in full. The booklet pages print but material on the right and left hand edges is omitted. Please let me know. I like to keep a printed guide by the TV. If there is no was to print a full guide, I'd like to ask you to send me a printed one this month. I'm hoping you can tell me how to print out the new format so I can include all the material on each page. Thanks. Elizabeth Webb

New Format Issues

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We are sorry you're having trouble printing the guide this month. As you can see this guide is different from the ones in the past. We've increased the number of pages to bring you more information. We’re having trouble posting a clean pdf of the new guide because it was created as two files-- one file for the 4-color section, and one for black and white printed listings and merged together at the printers. We are working out the bugs and promise that the October guide will be just like the old PDF you're used to.

For the September guide, we'd be happy to mail you the printed version. Please call our membership department at 585-258-0200 to request this. Again, we are sorry for the inconvenience.